How To Choose A Hotel In Nigeria

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How To choose A Hotel In Nigeria

There are many reasons why people book hotels in Nigeria, some for relaxation and shelter. For some who may find themselves new to any part of the country, it could be for security purposes.


The issue of insecurity is a significant concern for everyone in Nigeria. We often hear and read of cases of kidnapping, killings, and several other social vices on television, radio, newspapers, and other online platforms,


These increasing vices are always a concern for inter-state and intra-state travelers, especially for foreigners visiting the country.


A hotel for your comfort and relaxation is needed if you ever find yourself in a tight condition where you will spend the night outside your home or probably you’re coming into Nigeria as a foreigner.


However, there are bad hotels and a pretty good number of hotels, with good security, facilities and many more. Nevertheless, there are some tips you will need to know when picking a hotel in Nigeria.




Choosing a hotel in Nigeria depends on the reasons of an individual. The reasons why people book hotels vary. It might be for shelter, vacation, honeymoon, retreat, etc.


Whatever the reasons may be, everyone wants a comfortable and convenient hotel.


Here are eight tips to help you make the right choice when choosing a hotel in Nigeria.



Before choosing a hotel in Nigeria, the first thing you should consider is the cost.

You wouldn’t want to go to a hotel beyond your financial capacity at that given time.

The cost of hotels in Nigeria is about N14,000 to N70 000. There are also cheaper ones for about N3,000 to N4,000.

However, the facilities and comfort it offers are different. Expensive hotels are mostly equipped with good facilities.



Another way to help you make a good decision when choosing a hotel is by checking their website.

The hotel website gives you an overview of how the hotel looks like regarding facilities, structures, cost of direct booking, contact information for more inquiries, and some others.

It will enable you to get every detail you need, and even if you are not satisfied with it, you can reach out to the hotel through their contact and ask all the necessary questions you might wish to ask.



If you live in Nigeria, you must have heard of the phrase “no go area.” It is used to describe a dangerous place.


The place where some hotels are located may not have the necessary security you will need. You will have to check for the locations and know if there is any record of robbery or insecurity accustomed to that environment.


Also, if you are in any part of Nigeria for tourism you can check the location to know the estimate of time you will spend on the road to major locations you want to visit.


It is good to use a map to check the hotel’s location. A map will give you an honest estimate of the time you will spend in traveling to major commercial, residential, historical areas from the hotel.



When choosing a hotel, customer reviews are one thing you should consider. It gives you an insight into what to expect from the hotel workers.


Some hotels with good facilities and amenities might be lacking good customer services.


Bad management alone can make you detest your stay in a hotel irrespective of the amenities and facilities it presents.


It is good to know what the previous users have said about the hotel and if it is negative.


You can read about hotel reviews  here.



It is rightly said that everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage.


Check out the pros and cons of choosing a hotel in Nigeria to make the right choice.


Some hotels are better than others in some aspects.


For example, some hotels are cheaper with fewer facilities than some with good facilities that are a bit expensive.


Going for the cheaper one will save cost but may not give you the same comfortability as the expensive ones.


That’s more reason you need to know what you want and check out the pros and cons before choosing a hotel.


You can check the pros and cons of a hotel in Nigeria here.



Having an idea of the hotel’s main clientele will give you an insight into what to expect from the hotel.


Several hotels build their facilities and structures based on the class of people they desire at the initial stage.


Getting to know what class of people visits the hotel will give you a glimpse of what you should expect from the hotel.



Another thing you should be checking out when choosing a hotel is the amenities it offers.


Some of the amenities you should be looking out for include: free WiFi, an onsite swimming pool, breakfast, bar or Lounge, fitness center, free parking space, in-room amenities, and several others.


It will help you know what to expect from the hotel and know if the things you will need are absent to make a choice you won’t have to regret.


Also check the cost for all of the amenities.

For some hotels, it is free while for some it is not.



Security is a basic need of humans. Everyone wants a secured place—at least a place where their lives and properties are protected.


One thing that will help you choose a hotel correctly is by checking the security level in the hotel and the location where it is located.


You can check if it has any history of insecurity issues as that might help you make the right decision when choosing a hotel in Nigeria.


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