Types Of Nursing Bra For Breastfeeding Mums

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Types Of Nursing Bra For Breastfeeding Mums

A nursing bra is a supportive undergarment for the breasts, specifically designed for new mothers during their breastfeeding journey or throughout pregnancy. What sets it apart from a standard bra is its convenient latch mechanism, allowing easy and quick access to the nipple for breastfeeding the baby.

These bras offer additional support, which proves beneficial for  engorged breasts that might be heavier than usual during this phase. You can buy your quality nursing bra in Nigeria at komback online market stores.

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In this post we will discuss the types of maternity bra and some important tips to consider when choosing a nursing bra.


When selecting the right nursing bra, several essential factors come into play. In this section, we will consider some important tips to consider when choosing a nursing bra.

  • Ensure Proper Fittings

First and foremost, ensure a proper fitting by getting measured around 36-38 weeks into your pregnancy. Keep in mind that your cup size may change during this time, so opt for a style that offers flexibility at the beginning.

  • Prioritize Cotton Fabric

When it comes to fabric, prioritize cotton as it has the ability to absorb sweat, providing comfort throughout the day. Steer clear of synthetic materials entirely, as they may not be as breathable or comfortable.

  • Opt For Simple Designs

In terms of design details, opt for bras with simple designs, as they will be easier to handle, especially when you have a baby in one hand. Simplicity in the design can be quite practical during this phase of motherhood.

  • Avoid Underwired Bras 

Lastly, it’s advisable to avoid underwired bras while nursing, even if you have been accustomed to wearing them throughout your life. Nursing bras without underwires provide a more comfortable and supportive option during breastfeeding.


Why You Need A Nursing Bra


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There is a common misconception that breastfeeding mothers should avoid wearing bras as it might negatively impact milk production or cause breast pain. However, this belief is entirely baseless.

Just as during adolescence and adulthood, when we focus on wearing the right bra with the correct fit, shape, and design for different activities to maintain breast health and comfort, the same principle applies during pregnancy and post-delivery.


Throughout life, we encounter various types of bras tailored to specific needs, such as sports bras for physical activities, beginner bras for young girls, strapless bras for specific outfits, padded bras for added support, and so on. Likewise, during the transformative phases of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it remains essential to select a suitable bra that accommodates changes in breast size and offers the necessary support.


During pregnancy, as the breasts undergo significant changes, you may find that you fit into a larger bra size. At this stage, you have the option to choose between nursing bras, specially designed with convenient latch mechanisms to facilitate breastfeeding, or regular bras that provide the required support and comfort.


Regardless of your choice, the key takeaway is that you should always wear a bra, just as you would in your day-to-day life. The right bra not only prevents discomfort but also offers support to prevent sagging and helps maintain breast shape. By embracing the appropriate bra during this beautiful journey of motherhood, you can enhance your overall comfort and well-being. So, cast aside any concerns about milk production or breast pain, and feel free to wear a bra as you normally would, ensuring both your and your baby’s needs are met with confidence and care.

Types Of Nursing Bra


Now let’s look at the different types of nursing bras.


  • Dropdown cup bra:


This particular nursing bra boasts a clever design feature – a front hook located near the shoulder, which allows for convenient nursing access without the need to fully expose the front. This thoughtful design caters to the needs of breastfeeding mothers, providing a discreet and easy way to nurse their baby without compromising on style or functionality.


These nursing bras come in a variety of styles, often incorporating a hook and eye closure at the back for a secure fit. When selecting such a bra, it is essential to pay attention to the comfort and ease of opening the shoulder hook with just one hand. Since you’ll likely have your baby in your other arm, the ability to unfasten the bra effortlessly becomes paramount.


This style of nursing bra is particularly well-suited for front-opening tops, as it allows you to discreetly nurse your baby without having to remove layers of clothing or reveal more than you’re comfortable with in public settings.


  • Cross over bras:


Cover over bras are specifically designed without any underwire, offering a comfortable and supportive fit without the potential discomfort that underwires may cause during breastfeeding. These bras feature hooks near the shoulder, allowing for convenient and discreet opening when nursing your baby. Instead of fully exposing the front, the cups can be easily pulled down, making the breastfeeding process smooth and effortless.


One of the key advantages of these bras is their practicality in accommodating breast pads. Breast pads are essential for nursing mothers, as they help prevent leaking and keep clothing dry and clean. With these bras, you can effortlessly insert breast pads to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene throughout the day.


The suggestion to use disposable breast pads is practical and hygienic, as they offer convenience and easy disposal after use. For new moms, it’s common to encounter various challenges and learning curves during the breastfeeding journey. Unfortunately, not all necessary information is readily available, and many moms may find themselves unprepared for certain aspects of breastfeeding.


  • Hands-free pumping bras:


These nursing bras are exceptionally beneficial and convenient, particularly for mothers who need to pump milk for their babies. They offer a seamless and efficient way to multitask, allowing you to attend to your emails or other tasks while effortlessly pumping milk. This practical design enables you to be productive and stay connected while providing nourishment for your little one.


Featuring a front zip, these bras are exceptionally user-friendly, simplifying the process of putting them on and taking them off. The easy access provided by the zip makes pumping sessions a breeze, eliminating the hassle of struggling with traditional clasps or hooks.


One of the key aspects that enhance their usability is the elastic backs, as visible in the accompanying picture. This elastic feature ensures a secure and comfortable fit, accommodating changes in breast size and providing optimal support during pumping or nursing sessions.


These bras offer a brilliant blend of functionality and convenience, catering to the needs of modern, multitasking mothers. They empower you to make the most of your time by combining pumping or nursing with other activities, all the while ensuring comfort and ease of use.


  • Nursing tank tops:


Nursing tank tops come with a unique drop-down cup design that offers convenient breastfeeding access while providing full coverage for your body. When worn, they resemble regular tank tops, making them versatile and suitable for various occasions. The thoughtful drop-down cup feature allows you to feed your baby discreetly without having to remove the entire top or reveal too much skin.


The beauty of these nursing tank tops lies in their practicality, making them an ideal choice for at-home use or during nighttime feedings. Their comfortable and modest design ensures you can nurse your baby with ease and comfort, fostering a nurturing and relaxed environment for both you and your little one.


Furthermore, these tank tops are perfect for when you have visitors at home. They allow you to maintain your privacy and dignity while attending to your baby’s feeding needs, without the need to seclude yourself during social gatherings.


With these nursing tank tops, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the convenience of breastfeeding accessibility and the confidence of a regular, stylish tank top. They embody a seamless blend of functionality and fashion, catering to the needs of modern mothers who seek comfort, ease, and a sense of empowerment during their breastfeeding journey.




Nursing bras play a significant role for nursing mothers in Nigeria, offering convenience and promoting optimal breast health. Whether you are already a nursing mum or will become one soon, it is essential to prioritize selecting the right type of bra from the options mentioned above. Doing so will ensure a comfortable and supportive experience during breastfeeding.

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