9 Shoe Storage Tips To Maintain

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9 Shoe Storage Tips to Maintain a Healthy Shoe

9 Shoe Storage Tips To Maintain

Shoe storage tips to maintain if you’re like me, you probably already understand the importance of shoes in our daily life. They are essentials of everyday people, from brutal office staff to lanky, mediocre employers.

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But one thing is common these days…

Most people are in a hurry.

Because of the nature of our work, we tend to neglect the importance of shoe storage tips and thus, fling them all around the place after use.

However, to ensure longevity and proper health of shoes, it’s important to store shoes properly, helping them to stay fresher and cleaner.

To help you curb this, we highlight 9 storage tips you can use to rejuvenate your shoes and make them last longer.

Let’s dive in.

1. Set Your Wash on a Delicate Cycle


Since sneakers are an essential part of our daily lives, they deserve extra attention to make them last longer.

Due to their colors and texture, they tend to attract dirt easily and can get stuffed with mud during wet conditions.

To maintain their texture, use a clean magic eraser to wipe away stains, and if you’re using a washing machine, add a towel or two to protect the material while also setting your wash on a delicate cycle.

2. Rinse Out Mud After Every Wear

9 Shoe Storage Tips To Maintain

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Nothing destroys the sole of shoes more than leaving mud on them for a longer period.

Muds are poisonous and may cause potential damage to your shoes, so you should watch out for them.

For instance, if you wear Louboutin shoes, you should get a brush to wipe out the mud and keep them clean. In addition, If you have suede shoes, a sponge and shampoo is a perfect formula to help them stay healthy.

3. Use Polish and Shiners

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Shoes are like souls and should be treated as such.

Just like the way you will care for your precious souls with a healthy regimen to stay alive, your shoes need polish and shiner to stay healthy and fresh.

When you regularly apply polish and shiners on your leather shoes, it helps them stay longer, maintaining their youthful glow and texture.

4. Keep the Soles Fresh and Clean

Soles are the pillars that support the overall design of shoes.

Keep healthy and tidy and you will enjoy the wealth that your shoes deliver. Do otherwise and they will make every step look like hell.

Therefore, make sure you isolate dust from them before you bring them in. for effective elimination of dirt and clogs, use a brush to wipe them after each outing.

5. Shoe Storage Tips-Run From Moisture

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Moisture is the enemy of a great shoe.

They can result in the unexpected growth of bacteria and consequently, the shoe texture, design, and material will be greatly affected.

To make them moisture and bacteria-free, apply desiccants like gels or silica pouches.

6. Shoe Storage Tips-Keep Shoes Off The Floor


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Many people attempt to keep their shoes in good shape, maintaining the glow and shine. But in most cases, those people end up chucking them on the floor of their bedrooms. Is that a bad idea? Definitely!

Laying your shoes on the bare ground makes your shoes harder to find when everything gets disorganized in the shuffle.

However, if you still want to keep them on the ground, do implement some basic shoe organization routines to keep them in good order.

7. Shoe Storage Tips-Sort Shoes Into Categories

9 Shoe Storage Tips To Maintain


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No hard and fast rule says shoes should be divided into categories.

However, for easy accessibility and healthy shoe organization, sort your shoes into groups.

The shoe you seldom wear should be reserved in a place at the top of any location in your shoe rack that you barely access.

On the other hand, put your everyday shoes at a very close distance.

8. Store Fancy Heels at the Top

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Heels have tiny soles and are barely worn – once or twice a week in most cases – so you care for them differently.

Even if you love wearing them frequently, they don’t naturally fit into the shoe slots in the organizer.

And more importantly, their delicate nature makes them so fragile to live with other shoes. Therefore, create a space for them at the top of your closet, to ensure they stay organized.

9. Store Sneakers In Shoe Baskets


9 Shoe Storage Tips To Maintain

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By nature, sneakers are athletic shoes and are built to withstand rough patches more than other kinds of shoes.

But don’t mistake strength for health, keep them in baskets or cubbies for easy drying and accessibility.


When properly stored, shoes incite comfort and happiness, helping us to live our world in a grand style. Follow the tips itemized above and you can enjoy a long thrill with your shoes. Want some shoes?


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