How To Choose A House In Nigeria

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      How To Choose A House In Nigeria

Houses are important assets in Nigeria and any other part of the world. Almost everyone desires to have their own but don’t know how to choose a house in Nigeria.

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Different people seek an apartment daily, weekly, and monthly, either for purchase or rent.

One tedious task they are often faced with is how to choose a house, especially in Nigeria.


The truth be told, choosing a house in Nigeria, either for rent or purchase, is not an easy task. There are many things to consider before choosing a house if you must make the right choice.




People’s reasons for choosing a house differ. However, the wrong selection of a house can be detrimental to one’s life.


If you are about renting or purchasing a house or you desire to buy one in the long run, all you need to do is to fix your eyes on this article as we bring you all that you need to put into consideration when choosing a house to enable you to make the right choice.


Here are seven things to put into consideration that will help you to rightly choose a house in Nigeria.


Check Your Budget


The first thing you should put into consideration is your financial budget. Houses are expensive in Nigeria, especially in urban areas; if you consider renting or purchasing a house, you should check the cost first.


If the cost is capable of wrecking your finances, it is better to go for a different one.


Think of you renting or purchasing a house, and you are unable to renew the rent or you couldn’t afford to invest in some other businesses that could easily fetch you good cash. Should such a decision be considered a wise decision?


It is advisable to seek advice from a financial manager before investing in a house.


Get An Housing Agent.

Housing or a real estate agent will save you the stress of finding a house by yourself.


You just have to give them an idea of what kind of House you want, whether it is a duplex, self-contained, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, etc. And they will be the ones to search them out.


A Housing or Real Estate Agent helps you look for an available house, and all that you need to do is see for yourself and decide if you want to stay with it.

If it doesn’t match what you want, you can opt for another.

Check the location in Nigeria

The site where the House is located is an important aspect to consider when choosing a house in Nigeria. A bad environment can be detrimental to any individual’s security, finance, health, and life.


You need to consider the security level of the location of the House, the distance to your working place, if it has a good road, stable electricity, good supply of water and several others that may be useful for you.


Some house locations may not be favorable for you, and they may lack some basic amenities such as good roads, stable electricity, and many others.

It can increase the cost of living for you and you are likely to spend more on your transport fare, buy fuel for your generator, and many more. Always consider the location of the House before choosing a house in Nigeria.

The House Size

Another thing to check out is the size of the House. You should know the size of the House you want even before looking for a Housing and Real Estate Agent.


The size of the House you want to rent or purchase might depend on your need at that moment. It might be just a personal apartment or a family apartment.


If you must choose correctly, you must first know the number of people living in it, which will help you when choosing a house.


For example, a self-contained house may not be okay for a family of six, something to consider before choosing a house.


Ensure the House is spacious enough so that you can accommodate visitors and family members who will want to come for a visit.


You are not at a loss when you invest in housing. However, if the House you are looking for is just for you and your spouse, you can go for a smaller one if you are renting it. But if you are purchasing it, you can go for a bigger one, provided you can afford it.

Check the House Interior.

The interior design of the House is something you should also consider. You should already know what kind of interior house setting you want.

Check out the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining, and living room to know if it is suitable for you.

Check The House Exterior.

Sometimes we may be carried away by the interior design of the House and fail to check the exterior design of the House.


There are times when the exterior design may not be suitable for you despite how perfect the interior design can look.


When checking the exterior design, look out for some important parts like the housing roof, the foundation, and the walls to know if there is any damage. It will guide you in choosing the right kind of House you desire.

Check the age of the House in Nigeria

The age of the House is a very important factor you should consider when choosing a house either for rent or for purchase.

There is a lot of difference between an older house and a brand new home. Both of them have their pros and cons.

If you are looking for a house with modern facilities, you should go for a new house. However, the cost for newer homes will be expensive when compared to older ones.


Also, one disadvantage of older homes is that you will spend more money trying to renovate them to your desired taste.

Ensure to consider the House’s age before choosing a house.


Everyone desires to get their personal house or live in the best houses. 

If you can consider the above-listed tips while choosing a house in Nigeria, you will make the right choice.

It will help you focus on the qualities of the House that will match your perfect fit.


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