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Looking for the perfect rechargeable fan to keep your home cool and comfortable during hot Nigerian summers? We’ve rounded up the top seven picks, based on reviews from industry experts. Whether you’re looking for a durable, long lasting fan or one with advanced features, you’ll find one that fits your needs.


An average Nigerian is surprised to hear that some people in other parts of the world live year to year without experiencing a power failure. That’s where rechargeable fan comes in.

The issue of power failure has been one of the recurring pressing challenges our politicians have promised to solve. However, this issue is becoming worse as the years’ progress.


Many discomforts are brought about by power failure, ranging from constantly looking for means to charge a flat phone battery, how to get your rumple clothes ironed, and more especially to cool yourself from the heat in the country.


The heat in Nigeria is too much due to the high temperature. If you don’t have a rechargeable fans, you may find it difficult to cope during hot seasons. In this article, you will get to know all that you need to know about Rechargeable fans in Nigeria.


Where To Buy Rechargeable Fans In Nigeria


There are several places where you can purchase a rechargeable fan. They can be purchased in local stores and supermarkets as well as online stores such as Konga, Jumia, Komback, Jiji, just to mention a few. You can place your orders in any of the above online stores and get it delivered within a few working days.


Best Rechargeable fans in Nigeria and their prices 


Whilst it is difficult to find an original rechargeable fan, there are quite a good number of rechargeable fans out there.

Below is a list of the best, original rechargeable fans in Nigeria.


  • Qasa rechargeable fans (N18,000 – N40,000)


The five blade adjustable Qasa rechargeable fan is one of the most sought after rechargeable fans in Nigeria and it’s good for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

Some of the features of the Qasa rechargeable fan includes:


  • USB Port for Mobile Device Charging.
  • 5 Blades for powerful Airflow.
  • Bright Led Lights.
  • Height Adjustable.
  • DC 12V input socket.
  • Rechargeable battery: 12V 4.5Ah.
  • Fan speed: multi speed up-down control.
  • Operates with a remote.


It can serve for about 28 hours at a low speed and less than 4 hours at a very high speed.

This is because of its durable 12V Ah lead battery.

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  • Lontor Rechargeable fans (N28,000 – N50,000)


The Lontor rechargeable fan is arguably one of the most popular rechargeable fans in Nigeria.

The features of the Lontor rechargeable fan is what made it stand out among several other rechargeable fans. Some of its features includes:


  • 28 hours maximum operating time.
  • It has speed settings.
  • A remote control.
  • Usb ports for charging of phones and solar charging units.
  • 6V 7AH Lead-acid battery capacity type.
  • 300v transient voltage.
  • 7000mAh high power capacity.


Lontor rechargeable fan is no doubt a reliable fan for use and should be considered for anyone who wants to purchase a high quality and durable rechargeable fan.


  • Binatone Rechargeable fans (N28,000 – N60,000)


If you are looking for a high-quality rechargeable fan in the market then one brand you should be after is the Binatone


Some of the features of the Binatone Rechargeable fan include; an overcharge and over-discharge protection, 2 pieces 6V 5Ah, a DC socket available for charging the fan using a solar panel, USB to charge mobile phones and several others.


It is durable, highly-efficient, reliable and is among the best rechargeable standing fans in Nigeria.


  • Ox Rechargeable fan (N24,000 – N40,000)


If you have ever heard of the benefits users of this fan gives them you will understand why it is regarded as one of the best fans in Nigeria. It has an amazing features which includes:


  • Quick Fully charging time 8-10 Hours.
  • Remote control
  • Long duration 15 Hours .
  • AC/DC Operated.
  • USB Function.
  • Strong LED Light.
  • Powerful Airflow and battery indicator.


Anyone purchasing the Ox rechargeable fan is sure that they have their money going into one of the best rechargeable fans.


  • Sonitec Rechargeable fans (N20,000 – N 35,000)


Here is another quality brand of rechargeable fans in Nigeria. The Sonitec rechargeable fan is highly durable, efficient and reliable. It’s features includes:


  • two 6V 4.5Ah C type Lead-Acid batteries.
  •  overcharge and over-discharge protection function to ensure longevity of battery life..
  • Going for lower speed can extend the battery life by an additional 2 hours
  • 20-24hrs Charge Time
  • Multi angle tilting neck
  • 2-speed, 4-bright LED lights


It’s worth buying and can be purchased here.


  • Andrakk water mist (N38,000 – N60,000)


With the Andrakk water mist rechargeable fan you will get to enjoy a cool environment. This rechargeable fan can work even when charging. This brand is very efficient, reliable and highly durable.


Some of its features includes:


  • 12V7AH Rechargeable battery with overcharge & over-discharge protection function.
  • Adjustable height.
  • USB PORT for charging phones.
  • Charge level indicator.
  • 6pcs LED night light.
  • 5 levels of speed control, Back switch,
  • Remote control, Replaceable batteries.


The Andrakk water mist rechargeable fans is in different specifications and provides humidity for several hours with AC current.


In times of hot weather, when the fan starts emitting hot air, this multi purpose fan has the ability to provide an automatic cooling effect to the fan.


Kamisafe Rechargeable fans (N8,000 – 22,000N)


Here on the list is the kamisafe Rechargeable fan. It is a mult-functional rechargeable table fan with a very high quality, durability and efficiency.


The foldable fan which saves space, has an adjustable setting to help you to freely select the rotating speed of the blades.

It can work for about 3.5 hours at a high speed,  5 hours at a medium speed and 6.5 hours at a low speed.

There are many more features of the kamisafe Rechargeable fan beside this that makes it one of the best Rechargeable fans in Nigeria.


There are also other quality rechargeable fans in Nigeria that are made from top brands. Some of which includes


  • Duravolt Rechargeable fans
  • Sonik Rechargeable fans
  • Bianco Rechargeable fans
  • Harris Rechargeable fans
  • Nexus Rechargeable fans
  • Century Rechargeable fans




When purchasing a rechargeable fan, it’s important to consider a few key factors. How long will the battery last? What kind of settings/features does it have? Is it affordable? How quiet is it? Look for a fan with durable materials and a rechargeable battery. Check for online reviews for unbiased opinions about your fan selection. With the right research, you’ll be sure to find the perfect rechargeable fan for your home in Nigeria!

There are a whole lot of quality rechargeable fans in the Nigeria market. However, there are some who stand out among others.

I recommend the Qasa rechargeable fan, followed by the Lontor and then the Ox as the top 3 best rechargeable fans.

Rechargeable fans are increasingly becoming popular in Nigeria. It is beneficial to everyone who owns it.

Due to the hot weather in Nigeria, unstable supply of electricity and several other issues of power in the country it is good for every home to get one.

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