10 Christmas Gifts For Your Partner

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10 Christmas Gifts To Get For Your Partner In Nigeria.


In Nigeria, getting a Christmas gifts  for your partner can be a difficult task to do irrespective of the time you have spent dating. Christmas gifts go a long way in telling them how you feel towards them and how much you appreciate them. And while there is no specific time where you can give them some presents, there are some special moments in their life such as birthday, Valentine’s day, Christmas, New year and few more where you can really show them how you feel about them.

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However, not everyone knows what is the best gift to get for their partners and that’s why we have come up with some list of items you can get for your partners during the celebration of Christmas, birthday, Valentine and others.


We are assuring you that after looking at our list of items to gift your partners, you will find at least one item that they will love so much.

Here are some gifts that you can give your partner to keep them smiling, all year round.


  • Clothes


10 Christmas Gifts For Your Partner

Knowing your partner’s favorite wears can help you decide what kind of clothing to get for them. You can also decide to take them out for shopping and let them decide which clothing suits them if you are not sure of what they will love. If you plan on getting them surprise gifts, then try knowing how their wardrobe looks to get a glimpse of what they appreciate. You can also go with a suit, a jean, a birthday suit, the list is numerous.


  • Drinks

10 Christmas Gifts For Your Partner

Another item you can get your partner is their favorite drink. Whiskey, chocolate drink, champagne and the rest are some few drinks  they may love. You can put a smile on their face by just getting them their favorite drink.


  • Phones

How about getting the latest phone for your partner during this festive period? I guess they will really appreciate it. Besides, some of these online stores are giving discounts on some phone prizes. You can get your partner the latest Iphone, Samsung phone or any other type that they will really appreciate.


  • Wooden Docking Station


The wooden docking station is more personal than the docking station since it lets you add your partner’s name, monogram, or initial all while their phone, watch, keys, glasses and wallets a place to rest.


  • Personalized Wallets or Bag

Customized wallet or bag for your partner can be a special way of telling them how much you appreciate them. And since it contains their name it probably might make them value it the most and that will keep them in remembrance of you.


  • Wallet Card Love Note

I know we have talked about amazing items but how about putting your love story in print? Wallet card notes are a quick way of telling your partner you love them. Love card notes can be slipped into his wallets to serve as a sweet reminder.


  • I wrote a book about you.


After some years of buying gifts, you might feel stuck when it comes to creative, thoughtful gifts.

Another way you can put your love story in print is by answering the prompt in this fill-in-the-blank book. This book gives you plenty of fill in the blank prompts about your partner and this might be something they don’t already have.


  • Great Conversations card


Conversation cards are great especially if you want to know some things about your partner or ask them for some assistance. It will also help you to know them very well.

If you intend deepening your connection, let these cards guide your conversation into more meaningful topics.


  • Nigerian made Car

Your partner will surely appreciate this type of gift since there are not many who patronize African and Nigerian made cars. You can get them.tue latest Innoson or Nord car.


  • Portrait

Getting a portrait of your partner will make them feel special. You can give them a portrait of you both.


  • Clothing Accessories

Show the special person in your life how much you love them with these thoughtful and sentimental presents. Earrings, necklaces, chains, rings, wrist watches, shoes, bags and other accessories are quality items to gift your Nigerian partners during this festive period.


  • Custom Pet Portrait


In Nigeria, most people love to have pets around them. The custom pet portrait will win you all the points. Try getting a custom-made portrait of their favorite pet and I assure you that they will truly cherish it and that will.let them know that you are aware of what they love too.


  • Personalized PS5 and Xbox Stand

10 Christmas Gifts For Your Partner

More especially for the ladies, you can gift your partner with a personalized PS5 and Xbox stand to leave all their gaming gear. It will be of value to them and will make them always remember you when they make use of it.


  • 100 Date Ideas Scratch Off Poster


This item should be considered a gift for both partners. This ready-to-hang frame helps you to get outside of your comfort zone and try some new date ideas. The list includes many things from taking a dance at home to making dinner together.


Final Thoughts

Oftentimes, it is not the mighty presents we give our partners once a while that shows how much we appreciate them but the consistent acts of love we do to them whether in a small way or in a big way. Don’t have the habit of gifting your partner presents Christmas gifts during festive season or their birthdays only. Surprise them with some gifts and see them love you in a special way.


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