10 Most Visited E-commerce Websites In Nigeria

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10 Most Visited E-commerce Websites In Nigeria

10 Most Visited E-commerce Websites In Nigeria

The advent of technology has led to an increase in the  total number of e-commerce websites and the amount of individuals who often make use of the internet and  other smartphone technologies further leading to a shift to the positive side in consumer behavior towards the convenience of buying things online. Recently, data from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics reveals that in 2020, e-commerce represented 3.8% of the country’s GDP; this is a proof that the  sector has more opportunities open for growth than any other sector. With more Nigerians embracing advancements in technology, and retail, a new era has come for e-commerce platforms looking to meet different consumer preferences.

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In this article, we’ll be looking at the e-commerce industry and consider the top 10 e-commerce websites that are standing out and creating waves across all sectors.


  1. Jumia Nigeria

10 Most Visited E-commerce Websites In Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria, is an e-commerce company popularly known as “Africa’s Amazon,”. The company  is one of the country’s leading e-commerce platforms concerned with simplifying customer experience and making purchase of goods a lot easier. Since its inception in 2012, the company has expanded its offerings to cover a different kind of products,  ranging from fashion to electronics and home appliances, in order to provide services in  different  African countries.

Jumia Nigeria is involved in the sales of  over 1 million different products and can be summarized in three words: convenience, variety, and competitive cost. The company has over 30 operational centers across the country and a vast logistics network. Their  delivery is top notch, which is one of the most significant barriers that most  e-commerce websites  in any area of the world have encountered.


  1. AliExpress

10 Most Visited E-commerce Websites In Nigeria

AliExpress  is an e-commerce store which is a subsidiary of The Alibaba Group which was established to serve as an online retail service company with their office currently based in China. It focuses on a user-friendly shopping site where  Nigerians can purchase fashion, electronics, home décor, beauty goods, and other items at extremely low prices. The company’s international exchange process, cheap and  easy shipping process has made it a one stop shop for Nigerians who love to buy  things that are either unusual or difficult to get in local markets.


  1. Amazon

10 Most Visited E-commerce Websites In Nigeria

Amazon, is the world’s largest online selling platform. The company entered into  the Nigerian market and is making its wave in the industry. Amazon specializes in the supply of a variety of products ranging from fashion, books and other accessories. While the company does not have a specific Nigeria website or drop off center, Nigerian customers are able to  access the worldwide Amazon platform and take advantage of its product offering, to purchase goods at limited cheap prices, and  a very quick and efficient delivery process.

Amazon allows Nigerian consumers who make use of  international payment methods or gift cards to purchase things that are not available on other e-commerce platforms. In addition, the company runs a Prime membership program, which is focused on providing a free and all expense paid shipping treat on all qualified purchases.


  1. Konga

10 Most Visited E-commerce Websites In Nigeria

Konga is another e-commerce company which is making buying and selling a lot cheaper in the local market. The company was founded in 2012 and currently serves as one of Nigeria’s outstanding e-commerce platforms which play  a major role in the local market. The company focuses on the bulging and selling of consumer electronics, fashion, home appliances, and groceries.

The  company has a “Konga Pay” digital wallet and its partnership with logistics providers like GIG Logistics, has helped it position itself well in the market. Konga is committed to providing a good online shopping experience for first time shoppers with an extensive product range and competitive pricing. .


  1. Jiji

Jiji is a unique e-commerce platform which serves as a platform for classified ads marketplace. A market which connects  buyers and sellers across various product categories to do business. The company does not directly sell products but helps in facilitating transactions between individual buyers and sellers.

Jiji has over 8 million active listings which run across different categories like electronics, vehicles, real estate, and more. It has become a  marketplace for Nigerians who want  to buy or sell their goods online. They have a user-friendly interface on their platform, and provide free listing options, secure payment plans for individuals looking to make purchases.


  1. Payporte

Payporte is one of the leading e-commerce  platforms in Nigeria which empower Nigerian business providers, with a comprehensive list of services. They help startup companies strategically plan and position their businesses online. Payporte provides different payment gateways options  and an online storefronts for logistics and marketing companies, who are either small or medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) within the country.

Payporte further helps in providing a stress-free and secure e-commerce experience for both businesses and customers, enabling Nigerian entrepreneurs to make good profits from their businesses. The company is  committed to creating new things  and helping their customers get the very best of their money worth positioning them as trusted partners for businesses who make daily use of  the power of online retail.


  1. Kara

Kara is a renowned company which is currently based in Nigeria. -the company is known worldwide for the outstanding approach to retailing. They  combine their  online storefront with having physical retail locations. These different visibility platforms help them provide a better and more accessible omnichannel shopping experience which  functions as both  traditional and digital commerce.

Similarly, other Customers can browse and purchase products online and then choose to have them delivered or pick them up at any of the company’s physical stores. With this approach, they are able to deliver accurately to their customers without experiencing a glitch in communication or other factors.


  1. Shopify

Shopify, is an e-commerce platform which is known  globally, for its tremendous contributions to the growth of the Nigerian market. The brand does this by empowering other  local entrepreneurs and businesses to establish their online presence in order for them to  reach a wider audience.

Shopify has a user-friendly interface, which is made up of features, characters, and secure payment gateways, which makes it easier for individuals to make purchases.  They assist other Nigerian e-commerce companies who are concerned with building and  managing  their online stores to control their resources and make good use of their opportunities. Nigerian entrepreneurs now make use of the  platform to sell everything from fashion and beauty products to handcrafted goods have inspired others to explore the world of e-commerce.



  1. Komback 

10 Most Visited E-commerce Websites In Nigeria

Komback is a well-established classifieds platform that has successfully transitioned into the e-commerce space. With a strong presence in the country for many years now, Komback has become a go-to destination for Nigerians looking to buy or sell a wide range of products, from electronics and vehicles to real estate and household items.

The platform’s user-friendly interface, free listing options, and secure payment methods have contributed to its popularity among Nigerian consumers. Komback’s extensive reach and localized approach have made it a trusted name in the Nigerian e-commerce landscape.


  1. Slot

10 Most Visited E-commerce Websites In Nigeria

Slot is an e-commerce store in Nigerian, which focuses on a very unique and distinctive model from the rest of other platforms.  The company deals with the sale and purchase of mobile phones.

It focuses on the  convenience and affordability of gadgets, leveraging on the use of technology to streamline their product offer, such that their  as scheduled delivery slots and a user-friendly interface are quite relatable with their audience. At Slot, they are committed  to getting rid of the old  traditional retail model pattern of the market and make a modern day change to its manuscripts.

As the Nigerian e-commerce market continues to change, these top 10 e-commerce websites have been proven to be good at what they do connecting sellers with buyers, and producers with consumers.

Looking ahead, the future of e-commerce in Nigeria would be different if only more innovations are made to further foster the connection and limit the break in flow for both sales and purchase.


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