How To Take Care Of Your Shoes

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How To Take Care Of Your Shoes: 5 Ways To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Good shoes can bring good tidings, open doors, and greater breakthroughs.

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But when not properly taken care of your shoes, they can provoke unfortunate circumstances and cause us to lose life-changing opportunities.

Shoes are one of the most important assets in our daily lives and as such, they need to be treated with care and seen as soulmates.

To help you keep a long-lasting company with your shoes, here are ways to take care of your shoes and make them like you.

Let’s go.

1. Store Them Correctly

Almost every one of us is guilty of this, but kicking out our shoes after a long workday can damage them.

Having worked all day, you’ll probably be tired and all you want to do after getting home is lay down to sleep.

Unfortunately, using your shoes and not storing them properly for a long time can make the shoe wear out so soon, which means you might have to replace them before their actual estimated years.

Shoes are like computers and phones – if we don’t take care of them, they tend to fall apart.

Your shoes will last longer if they have sole protectors installed on them and the leather is conditioned regularly.

Additionally, shoes like sneakers are sturdier and might require proper and regular cleaning and storage.

2. Avoid Moisture

Imagine this: you’re strutting across the street in your brand-new pair of Adidas shoes.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the sky turned gloomy, and next the rain began to pour like tornadoes.

Your new shoe is wet and you can’t help but to just leave it outside till the next day.

Right? Wrong.

Most of the time, this moisture travels quickly through the rigid part of the shoe and causes irreversible damage.

Instead, make sure you wipe it clean and spread them out to allow fresh air or sun to make them dry.

Moisture can also result in the growth of bacteria which can cause the shoe material to break down easily.

Apply desiccants such as gels to keep them moisture or bacteria-free.

3. Avoid Direct Contact With Sunlight

Shoes like clothes deteriorate and become dull when they are exposed to sunlight.

Heat from sunlight can cause them to become dry and stiffen up resulting in a potential breakdown.

To avoid this aftermath, make sure you keep your shoes in a controlled environment where they are shielded from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

This makes them last longer and serve you more.

4. Use Polish and Shiners

Just like your soul stays merrier and healthy with good books and thoughts, your shoes need polish and shiner to make them stick together and serve you better.

Shoes – especially leather shoes – should be polished frequently to help maintain their glow and color as well as their shine and texture.

This also ensures their longevity and flawlessness

5. Rejuvenate the Leather

Shoes get tired and their leather can get worn out.

To help your shoe stay afloat against all odds, rejuvenate them with a shoe cream.

You can apply cream either with a soft cloth or a clean brush.

Make sure the cream settles perfectly by leaving them for a while and ensuring they are in perfect condition before wearing them.

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