Cost Of Installing Solar Panel System In Nigeria

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Cost Of Installing Solar Panel System In Nigeria (2023)

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Many individuals are in the middle of looking through the expense of installing solar panel system in Nigeria since power is a crucial asset without which we can’t carry on with work, or live serenely in the cutting edge world. The issue is that sun powered chargers for energy is as yet a moderately new innovation in Nigeria; there isn’t yet a huge mass reception. The financial matters of interest and supply as regards sunlight based chargers are not precisely clear, however costs are still very high.

Nonetheless, the expense of installing solar panel system on one structure could differ essentially from another structure in light of the fact that the energy needs are not something very similar, and subsequently a few houses require more sunlight powered chargers than others. Besides, it is in many cases important to consolidate charge regulators, inverters, batteries, and links into the nearby planet groups and these likewise will shift in amount contingent upon the energy needs of the structures on which they are being introduced.

Cost Of Installing solar panel system In Nigeria

As we referenced toward the start of this article the expense of installing solar panel system differs from one structure to another, contingent upon the energy needs of the spot. A solitary sunlight based charger might cost around N5,000, however the establishment of sun oriented energy/power frameworks in Nigeria regularly costs somewhere in the range of N100,000 and N15,000,000, contingent upon the limit you need to introduce. This establishment will incorporate sunlight based chargers, inverters, and batteries. A specialist will for the most part have to gauge the energy needs of the spot prior to enumerating a statement concerning how much cash you would have to spend on solar panel installation at your premises.

1 KW Planetary group Cost In Nigeria

The Cost to install a 1KW solar panel system in Nigeria is around ₦475,000. These solar panels and installations can control televisions, Little Cooler, Blender, Electric bulbs (ideally energy saving bulbs), Fans, and DVDs.

At the point when you purchase a 1KW solar panel you ought to get two 300W high-Grade Solar Panel System, or four 150W boards. You will likewise get a charge-regulator. Now and again the charge regulator and the inverter work as one.

Battery: A single 12V 200Ah Profound Cycle Battery perhaps adequate to convey your structure; it could keep going for as long as 24 hours relying upon the heap.

2 KW Complete Solar Panel System Cost In Nigeria

The Cost of a 2KW solar panel in Nigeria is around ₦811,625. These sunlight based chargers and establishments can control 2 televisions, Home Theater, Bulbs (ideally Energy Saving Bulbs), Fans, Fridge.

At the point when you purchase the 2kW solar panel you ought to get four 300W high-Grade Sunlight powered chargers, or eight 150W sunlight based chargers. The framework wouldn’t be finished without an inverter and charge-regulator. A decent inverter ought to likewise have a battery checking framework. It would be better with an LCD show to assist you with observing the battery. This kind of framework would require two 12V 200Ah Profound Cycle Batteries to keep going for north of 24 hours.

3 KW Complete Solar Panel System Cost In Nigeria

The Cost of a 3KW solar panel in Nigeria is ₦1,564,663. These solar panel system and installations can control numerous televisions, Fridges, Fans, Bulbs (particularly energy saving bulbs), Blender, Contraptions, and a Water siphon.

At the point when you purchase this 3KW solar system you ought to get eight 300W solar systems. The framework is unfinished without an Inverter with Regulator. The framework ought to likewise have a Battery Checking Framework. You will likewise require four 12V 200Ah Profound Cycle Batteries-these can keep going for north of 24 hours.

5 KW Complete Solar Panel Cost In Nigeria

A 5KW solar panel system installation will cost you about ₦1,725,913. This is the arrangement of decisions for huge structures; with day to day power utilization that is more than 30KWH. The most extreme reasonable power load is 7KVA. This can control different televisions, ice chests, Blenders, Bulbs, Fans, and DVDs.

At the point when you purchase the 5KW solar panel system you will get eight 300W Solar Panel System. The framework additionally accompanies an Inverter and regulator. In a perfect world, you ought to get a 1 x 5KW Cross breed Solar Inverter with Battery Checking Framework. There are many brands of this item. You would likewise require four 12V 200Ah Profound Cycle Batteries – which should keep going for more than 24 hours.

On the off chance that you really want a greater framework you ought to presumably get a statement from an expert. Anything greater than this would most likely cost around ₦3 million, and you could continue onward until you show up at the ₦15 million imprint. At the point when you take a gander at the costs of introducing sunlight powered chargers in Nigeria, certain individuals would become apprehensive, and can’t help thinking about how they will legitimize such costs. Perhaps they need to find out about the advantages of utilizing sun based power.

Advantages Of Solar Panel System In Nigeria:

With a solar panels system you assume command over your energy needs, which is unique in relation to what you would get with the public framework. However long there is daylight, you are very certain of getting power for your home or office. Regardless of whether your solar system ought to become broken, you have the choice of calling the experts to figure it out, or remaining in obscurity. Be that as it may, essentially the decision would depend on you.

It is inexhaustible; there is a compelling reason to pressure yourself about searching for how to fuel the framework. It relies upon the sun’s radiation, which happens normally consistently. At the point when you consider how much cash you would spend on powering your generator consistently, you would before long see the purpose of introducing your own sunlight based charger for your confidential use.

It hushes up. A significant issue that accompanies utilizing generators to control your structure is commotion contamination. This clamor can extraordinarily influence efficiency, particularly assuming you really want harmony and calm to focus on your work.

No vapor: utilizing generators opens one to the risk of suffocation from the exhaust which contains carbon monoxide. Sunlight based chargers wipe out that gamble.

Disadvantages of Solar Panels

  1. Cost


The underlying expense of buying a solar panel system is genuinely high. This incorporates paying for sun powered chargers, inverter, batteries, wiring, and the establishment. In any case, sun oriented advancements are continually growing, so it is most likely correct that costs will go down from here on out.

  1. Climate Subordinate


Although solar energy can in any case be gathered during shady and blustery days, the proficiency of the solar system drops. Solar panel systems are subject to daylight to accumulate sun based energy successfully. Subsequently, a couple of shady, stormy days can discernibly affect the energy framework. You ought to likewise consider that sun oriented energy can’t be gathered during the evening.


Then again, assuming you additionally require your water warming answer for work around evening time or during wintertime, thermodynamic boards are a choice to consider.


For a breakdown of how powerful solar panel system are in the colder time of year, look at our video:

Are Solar Panel Systems Viable in the Colder Time of year?

  1. Solar Panel Stockpiling Is Costly


Solar System energy must be utilized immediately, or it tends to be put away in huge batteries, utilized in off-the-framework planetary groups, can be charged during the day with the goal that the energy is utilized around evening time. This is a decent answer for utilizing sun powered energy the entire day yet it is likewise very costly.


By and large, it is more intelligent to simply utilize a solar panel system during the day and take energy from the lattice during the evening (you can do this assuming your framework is associated with the network). Fortunately your energy request is typically higher during the day so you can meet the greater part of it with sun powered energy.

  1. Utilizes a Ton of Room


The greater power you need to create, the more solar panel systems you will require, as you need to gather however much daylight as could be expected. Solar panel PV boards require a great deal of room and a few rooftops are not sufficiently large to fit the quantity of solar panels that you might want to have.


An option is to introduce a portion of the boards in your yard however they need to approach daylight. On the off chance that you don’t have the space for every one of the boards that you need, you can choose to introduce less to in any case fulfill a portion of your energy needs.

  1. Related with Contamination


Despite the fact that contamination connected with solar panel system frameworks is undeniably less contrasted with different wellsprings of energy, solar panels can be related with contamination. Transportation and establishment of nearby planet groups have been related with the outflow of ozone depleting substances.


There are likewise a few poisonous materials and unsafe items utilized during the assembling system of solar panels photovoltaic frameworks, which can by implication influence the climate.


In any case, the solar system dirties undeniably not exactly other elective energy sources.



Solar Energy can save one from the pressure and disappointment that can accompany utilizing generators which may in some cases not begin and can upset one’s business. We as a whole realize that the power circumstance in the nation isn’t solid, and that makes sense of why solar system energy is turning out to be more famous. Everything necessary is to buy and introduce the solar system hardware on your housetop, or some other spot inside your premises, and you are all set.

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