Ways To Identify Original Human Hair

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5 Ways To Identify Original Human Hair For Women.

Every woman wants to stay beautiful and completely different.

In an attempt to achieve such looks, women opt for original human hair to connect with friends and family.

But there is another contender in the midst: synthetic hair.

This type of hair is often sold as the original human hair to deceive women in their desperate quest for beauty.

Today, we’ll show you some basic steps you can take to differentiate real human hair from fake, unnatural synthetic hair.

Let’s dive in.

1. By Touching

The best way to identify real human hair is by touching it.

It’s a highly recommended process that most people don’t seem to find important.

But the truth is: touching the hair quickly gives you a feel of whether the hair is original or not. Original – or real – human hair is very much softer than synthetic hair and comes with a natural soft shine.

Genuine human hair features cuticles and when you rub your fingers down them they should look natural – that is, you shouldn’t feel anything.

However, when you rub them from the ground up you should feel the cuticles. If it were synthetic hair, you wouldn’t experience such feeling – they are often always smooth and appear lifeless in every direction.

Also, original human hair comes with its own flaws – like all humans have their own flaws. You should notice some imperfection in hair length or probably find that the ends are split.

2. Check the Color original hair

Synthetic wigs have their own unnatural color, even when it comes in dense shades, such as black and varying dark browns.

This can appear too unnatural that you can notice them afar off if you can observant.

Original human or virgin human hair barely comes with absolutely flawless colors, even if they’ve never been bleached or dyed before.

They are going to have some discoloration from the sun’s exposure and everyday use.

That said, you can always dye your human hair to any color you want and yet get a consistent result, which is probably not an option for synthetic strands.

3. Bleaching Test

Even after you’ve bought your hair for a long time, you may still be skeptical as to whether this is real human hair.

In such a case, there’s a test to perform commonly called the “bleaching test.” It goes in this manner:

  • Step 1. Pour hydrogen peroxide into a small bowl
  • Step 2. Dip the hair strand into the solution
  • Step 3. Check the result

If the hair you bought is human hair, the natural pigment quickly gets lost and hair becomes yellow or light brown. Rather than changing colors, synthetic hair will produce a burning smell that signifies that its texture is gone.

4. Burning Test

This sounds scary, but it’s worth the try. Aside from touching, burning is the most effective way to know whether you bought an original human hair or you were sold the fake – synthetic hair.

After being burned with a little fire at the tip, the smell of natural hair is hard to mix with anything – it will become black ash.

But synthetic hair will produce a strong chemical smell. Once it finishes burning, you’ll notice that the hair forms a shiny, hardened ball that feels like plastic.

5. Make Research On Original Human Hair

This should be your first step, anyway.

Buying genuine human hair requires additional expertise and you can’t do it alone if you’re not familiar with the way things work in general.

Instead of taking such a big risk to buy the hair on your own, ask your hairstylist to recommend you to someone they trust or ask a friend to lead the way while you follow.

Another way to go with your research is by checking the prices.

Yes, we all want things at affordable rates, but we won’t don’t want to buy fake things in an attempt to reduce price, too.

If the price of the said human hair comes in handy or it’s below the standard price, that could be a sign that you’re buying synthetic.

So make sure you do your due diligence before making the moves to buy the human hair.

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