Tips For Stimulating Fast Hair Growth

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6 Amazing Tips for Stimulating Healthy Fast Hair Growth

Like the bible puts it, “If a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her.”

Long hair adds a bit of color that helps showcase beauty and attract your spouse or colleagues at work.

Every woman wants to be admired and loved by everyone around them, and longer hair is a great way to become the “talk of the town.”

But while some women just naturally amass a wealth of enviable long hair, a few others struggle to grow this kind of hair.

For this set of people, they have to tweak certain aspects of their day-to-day hair care routine to meet the demands of their envied hairdo.

If this is you, here are a few proven techniques to help you stay afloat and become like those enviable women with long, healthy fast hair growth.

1. Get Frequent Trims For Fast Hair Growth

This might go against popular beliefs and best practices for hair growth, but regularly trimming your hair helps you get rid of the dead and damaged ends that hinder your hair from growing any further.

Trimming this part of the hair is your best shot at ensuring that the dry split hairs don’t work their way up to the shafts of your hair and cause more reduction in your hair.

Don’t get it wrong, though, cutting your hair does not make your hair grow faster in any sense, but getting rid of these split ends is an important routine to stimulate longer hair.

2. Give Your Hair a Few Strokes Before Going to Bed

While you may not always have the energy to brush your hair, you also want to resist going to bed without giving it a few strokes.

A few strokes to your hair can go a long way in distributing your hair’s natural oil. It doesn’t take much or longer – just use a boar bristle brush to spread the scalp’s oil evenly until it’s moisturized. By doing this regularly you:

  • Increase the hair circulation
  • Make your scalp healthier
  • And Ultimately enhance longer hairs.

3. Ensure a Healthy Diet

Eat good food. Your grandma, mum, or friends have probably told you this some time back.

This applies to your performance in school, body development, and – as weird as it may sound – your hair growth.

It’s the same rule that applies to all of life’s endeavors – your hair is only as good as the overall health of your body.

Francesca Fusco, a managing director in NYC says, “to promote your hair growth, you need to “feed” the hair from the inside.”

For proper hair growth, eating high protein is a requirement. “try increasing your protein intake with foods like fish, beans, nuts, and whole grains,” she advised.

4. Hydrate Regularly

Hydration helps to keep your body from drying out and stimulates blood circulation. It’s also great for your hair growth.

Coating your hair strands in a deep conditioner or hair mask regularly helps reduce further damage, according to GH Beauty Lab.

Hairstylist Liana Zingarino, says, “one with cinnamon can stimulate blood circulation to encourage stronger, longer hair in no time.”

5. Brush Carefully For Fast Hair Growth

Hair – like clothes – are very vulnerable to damages when they get wet and brushing them too hard can cause loss of hair.

Whenever you add water, the hair shaft swells and stretches and added stress from brushing can cause a resultant breakage.

To curb this, brush your hair before shampooing and tower-dry, if detangling is necessary, to help eliminate drips.

6. Resist Over-shampooing

While shampooing your hair is a great way to reduce dandruff, doing too much of it can result in more damage or leads to further hair loss and frustrations.

Many other rumors also claim that over-shampooing can result in broken, dry locks due to loss of natural oils.

For some reason, that may appear to be true, but it is also critical to be aware of the danger of over-shampooing.

Best practices include applying shampoo two to three times a week depending on your hair type.

7. Reduce Stress For Fast Hair Growth

Similar to the way good food makes you stay healthy, reducing stress makes you stay healthier and vibrant.

The same also goes for your hair.

Excessive or traumatic stress can result in hair loss over time. This can even further lead to grey hair that makes you look older than you are.

So, keep your stress level to a minimum by meditating at least once or twice daily.

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