Wholesale Handbags In Trade Fair Nigeria

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Where To Buy Wholesale Handbags In Trade Fair Nigeria.


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One of the significant hurdles for a fashion enthusiast or startup entrepreneur in Nigeria is finding the best sources for affordable handbags. While the fashion world can be expensive and trendy, intelligent buyers always seek better ways to make judicious use of their money while staying classy and sleek. One of the most exquisite ways to stay sleek without robbing a bank is by visiting trade fairs, where you can find wholesale handbags at incredibly affordable prices.

In major cities across Nigeria, trade fairs have become the goldmine in which everyone who seeks to stay on trend and within a budget often visits. It’s a hot spot where vendors and buyers meet to make negotiable deals, each getting their money’s worth and staying ahead of all the latest trends within and outside the country. Trade fairs allow wholesale vendors direct access to shop directly from manufacturers, distributors, and importers, making it a lot easier for them to access good-quality products.

Whether you’re a fashionista just looking for better ways to stock their closet without robbing a bank or an entrepreneur looking to start a legit business on wholesale handbags in Nigeria on a budget, this article would cover everything you need to know about trade fairs in Nigeria, and Where To Buy Wholesale Handbags In Trade Fair In Nigeria. From knowing what a trade fair is to navigating it successfully as a wholesale vendor and seller, you’ll be fully equipped to thrive on your journey.

What is a Trade Fair? 

A trade fair is an exhibition in which manufacturers, distributors, and importers showcase their products to promote their products or services, thereby increasing sales. Trade fairs often serve as a platform where this business maintains customer relations, broadens its reach, finds new clients and business partners, and positions its company as a go-to brand for all things within its scope. It also serves as a test market for new products seeking to gain recognition in the market as a means of market research for the brand. They often help startup companies build a name in the market while showcasing their products to prospective clients and customers.

Goods and services rendered at a trade fair are often discounted to attract more customers to patronize the brands. If you’re seeking to get products at an affordable price, both as a wholesaler and an individual, make sure to check out trade fairs in Nigeria today.

Is the Trade Fair  Nigeria Always Open?

Yes, the trade fair Nigeria is always open all year round, in different stipulated parts of the country 24/7, so just in case you’re that shopper who likes to shop at different hours of the day, you can always stop big and get all you need. This constant availability and accessibility of trade fairs ensure that you never miss out on the opportunity to find the best wholesale handbags for your needs.

Trade Fairs In Nigeria?

There are different trade fairs in Nigeria. Below is a list of some which you can find within your area:

  • Trade fair complex Jigawa
  • Trade fair complex Lagos Nigeria
  • Lagos State International Trade Fair
  • Mega Clima Nigeria International Trade Fair
  • Medic West Africa International Trade Fair
  • Nigeria Energy Exhibition and Conference
  • Lagos Fashion Fair
  • Mandela’s International Trade Center

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Handbags?

There are so many places you can buy wholesale handbags in Nigeria. Most of these wholesale handbag vendors can be found in large and busy markets like Onitsha Main Market, Aba Market, Yaba Market, Jo’s Main Market, etc, but we’d advise you to visit the trade fair market instead. Why?

Getting wholesale handbags in the trade fair market is cheaper, and bags are more readily affordable. The federal government often owns the trade fair market, so subsidies are implemented for every item sold there.

Getting a bag at the trade fair markets in Nigeria would benefit you and your business because you’d not only be buying them at a lesser price and have minimal tendencies for future increments. Therefore, it’s a win-win for you and your business.

You’d be buying at a lower price than other wholesale handbag buyers and selling at an almost or better still higher price than theirs, so you’d be spending less and making more.

For your handbag business to thrive in today’s economy in Nigeria, you must consider the purchase price, as this will determine the cost of sale. Don’t forget that very few people want to buy things at a high price to make easy profits; it’d be better to sell at an affordable price to enable easy returns.

How Can I Become a Vendor at the Trade Fair in Nigeria?


To become a vendor at the trade fair in Nigeria, you must start with a clear vision. Before planning a store or the kind of store you want to rent, ask yourself what you want to achieve at the fair. Do you want to make sales, generate leads, or build the right connections? Having a clear vision will help guide your decision-making process.

Another essential step to becoming a vendor at the trade fair is to know your audience. Some trade fair attendees are industry insiders looking for new and dedicated suppliers, while others are simply customers seeking better and more innovative products. Knowing your audience   Would help you map out a more strategic plan to make their lives easier and create a more successful business. 

Upon knowing what your target audience loves and fancies, it’s time to design a booth that sells. This booth needs to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, and you must communicate what you intend to do. Since your booth is your storefront at the fair, making it as pretty as possible is essential. You should use bold colors with clean lines and communicate your message straightforwardly. Don’t forget that the goal of the booth is to stop people in their tracks and draw them to your corner.

If you have a team of workers at your store, you must train them to shine in all aspects. Nobody wants a grumpy sales rep telling them to buy from them in an annoying tone, so your team has to be knowledgeable about your brand, friendly, and ever-ready to engage with new and potential customers. You can teach them to sell your products and the vision and mission of your business stall times. This would continuously keep you and your brand in the hearts of your clients.

Finally, don’t be shy about giving or getting a discount. Yes, fairs are the perfect time and place to get a good pricing list. Giving out exclusive offers and discounts is a big motivator for clients seeking to purchase from your brand. Everyone wants a discount once in a while, so it’s essential for you to simply entice your clients and visitors with an offer that is hard to refuse, as this would make them stick to your brand more closely.

Who Owns The Trade Fair Markets In Nigeria?

As a startup, I know you might be wondering who owns trade fairs in Nigeria. Why do we advise buying your wholesale handbags from the trade fairs? How do they even make their profit? Well, it would interest you to know that the federal government owns the trade fairs in Nigeria.

Yes, you read right! The Federal Government of Nigeria owns and organizes all trade fairs in Nigeria, which the Chambers of Commerce usually organizes.

Chambers of Commerce are organizations of different business networks comprising local business owners. Their goal is to protect the community’s interests by providing subsidies on commodity prices.

Ultimately, participating in a trade fair in Nigeria is a great way to kick-start your wholesale handbag business at a budget-friendly price and get excellent returns. It only takes dedication at home to shop smart at trade fairs in Nigeria.

So whether you love fashionable handbags or you’re looking to start a business that would yield profit enough to help you get by every day, the trade fair markets in Nigeria are there to help you with its vast range of options. The important thing is to know what to look for in terms of quality and be ready to make negotiable deals that won’t affect your business. You’d become perfect at running your wholesale handbag business effortlessly with some practice.

Don’t forget that you can always look good without breaking the bank. Every outstanding fashionista knows that the right handbag completes an outfit—and getting it at a fair and affordable wholesale price makes it even better. Good luck with your purchase.


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