Ways To Identify Original Ankara Fabric

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Easy Ways To Identify Original Ankara Fabric.


Over the years, the use of Ankara Fabric has been mainstream especially for people in Africa. We can rightly say that seven of every ten people in  Nigeria have at least one Ankara Fabric in their wardrobe.


Ankara Fabric is used by people of all classes to rock their events such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, among others.


In recent times we have come to see fashionable outfits made from Ankara Fabric. This evolution in the fashion industry has seen it gain dominance in the fashion world.


Wearing Ankara fabric is now seen to  be something unique and not just traditional.

However, since Ankara Fabrics is getting widely accepted by almost everyone, there has been some production of fake Ankara fabrics.


This article will serve as a guide in helping you identify original Ankara fabrics to help you rock that event,  give you your desired outfit, help in your selection process and make you stay out of scammer in the market.

Below is a list of the things to watch out for when selecting your Ankara fabrics.



Ways To Identify Original Ankara Fabric

One of the ways to spot an original Ankara Fabrics is that it does not bleed when soaked in water, i.e it doesn’t remove color when dipped in water. This is an easy way of recognizing original

Fabrics. If it bleeds, then it is a red flag, the Ankara Fabrics could be fake. Also the original Ankara absorbs water easily and also dries easily too.



Ways To Identify Original Ankara Fabric


Ankara Fabrics is made from authentic, quality and a hundred percent cotton. There are some Ankara Fabrics that are made up of a mixture of cotton and another material. When looking out for an original Ankara Fabrics, bear it in mind that it should be 100% cotton. Many of the newly produced fabrics are a combination of cotton and other fibres so as to reduce the cost of production and hence a major reason why the price of original Ankara is more expensive than the fake ones




Original Ankara from fabrics have good strength and resistance but despite that, it is not hard just like paper or cardboard sheet. It is very smooth and soft to touch. By mere touching it, one can tell the type of quality of Ankara Fabric. Soft and smooth Ankara Fabric is a mark that it could be original, whereas, if it feels harsh,  hard or rigid like paper or cardboard then there is a high probability that it is fake.



Ways To Identify Original Ankara Fabric


Yeah, that’s true. If it is original then it shouldn’t be very cheap. If it is very cheap it is an easy way to spot that the Ankara Fabrics is substandard.

Fake Ankara Fabric can be sold for half of the price of the original or even less.

Original Ankara fabrics are not very cheap.

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