Discovering the Spiritual Benefits of Ewedu Leaf

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      Discovering The Spiritual Health Benefits Of Ewedu Leaf

Health Benefits Of Ewedu leafs

Have you ever heard of ewedu? This widely used African herb is not just known for its delicious taste and dietary benefits, it has also been used for generations to promote spiritual well being. Learn more about the many spiritual benefits of ewedu leaf, how to partake in it yourself, and how it can help deepen your relationship with the divine.

Ewedu has a long history stretching back centuries in many African cultures. In traditional belief systems, ewedu was used as medicine to cleanse the spirit and used in spiritual ceremonies to seek guidance from the divine. This makes it an especially useful ritual food that cultivates your spiritual connection while you partake of its physical benefits.

Ewedu leaf, or asina dagare in Yoruba and etoo alubolo in Hausa, is not only a staple ingredient used in Nigerian cuisine but has many spiritual benefits. By learning how to integrate this herb into your spiritual journey and practices, you can tap into its healing abilities and reap the benefits of the mind, body, and soul.

Discovering the spiritual benefits of ewedu leaf is key to unlocking its full potential. This Nigerian herb has many unique properties and healing abilities that allow you to tap into your creative energies and connect with your inner spiritual self. To explore this mystery, try integrating some ewedu leaf into a meditative ritual or practice for deep relaxation, mindfulness, and clarity. By doing so, it allows the mystic healing powers of the herb to work their magic on both your physical and spiritual journey.

EWEDU our Own very EWEDU LEAF that we eat AMALA with.

English name is Jute, Igbo name is Achingbara, Hausa name is Rama.

Botanically known as Corchorus Olitorius.

Ordinary Leaf At Your Backyard. Cures Incurables

God Hates Exaggeration. Believe it or Not EWEDU LEAF is Extremely Wonderful. It is GOD’s gift to man.

How Can Ordinary Leaf Be So Powerful.
Let’s Fear And Obey The Creator Of All These.

Ewedu Smoothies

In My First Ewedu Post. We Advocated Cooking For 3 To 5 Mins Which Works Wonders too. However In This Method We Don’t Need Cooking. Just Pure Raw…Blend and drink.
Testimony :-
A Cancer Patient From Lagos Called Me and sobbed that She Was Dying. Everything Has failed, she Added.
Madam You Cannot Die, I Said… Send Someone To Buy You Ewedu eat/drink as Plenty As You Can Daily. To the glory of GOD she did.
This was somebody the Hospital has given up on.She is now Back To Life. Right now doing Her Normal busyness. All Pain Gone. All Dizziness Gone. And Low Energy Gone.

NOTE:-EWEDU Is what brought her from Dying Point to Live

STOMACH ULCERS:Peptic and Semifinal : Ewedu Can Cure them. Over 70% Of Ulcers have disappeared with Ewedu Drink

LOW LIBIDOS:-For Both Sex. Use Ewedu.

★Dizziness. Use Ewedu leafs
★All Cancers Use Ewedu leafs
★All Gastrointestinal Disorders, Pls Use Ewedu
★All EYES Problems. Please Drink Ewedu religiously.
★Liver Diseases. Pls Use Ewedu
★Kidney Diseases. Use Ewedu
★All. I Mean All Diseases. Pls Use Ewedu.
★You Want To Look Younger Than Your Age.

★Please drink ewedu like Kin lo de.
★Low Energy. Pls Use Ewedu.

★★★How To Prepare★★★
To Get The Wonders Of Ewedu This Is My Method
I Have Personal Ewedu Garden. No Chemical Fertilizer
No Pesticides
No Herbicides
No Nothing.
Pure Organic.

We Cut With Scissors.
And Wash
Put Inside A Blender
Add Cayenne Pepper(Optional)
Add Natural Sea Salt(Optional)
And Blend Smooth For A Minute.
Serve In Glass Cups
Me I Drink 2 Glass During Am Hours
You Can Drink As Many Times As You Want.
Ewedu Smoothies Has No Overdose./No Single Side Effect, Except If They Spay Toxic Pesticides.

★You Can Drink A Glass Daily Or 12 Glasses ★Daily.
★It Does Wonders For Pile.
★Hi Cholesterol
★Hi Blood Pressure
★Liver Disorders
★I Have Achieved With Ewedu Leaves What I ★Have Never Achieved With Other Leaves.
★Before Traveling To USA For Medical Reasons. i Encourage You To Drink Ewedu leafs ★Smoothies At Least For few Months

It Will Surely Amaze You.
Even Though I Use Organic Ewedu leaf, Yes, You Can Still Achieve Wonders With The Ones You Buy From The Market

★★★How To Plant It★★★
Go To Any Yoruba Market Close To You. Ask For Ewedu Seed. Buy As Many As You Want For N100. US$0.30
It Grows Everywhere.
It Does Well In All Lands And Villages. In Flower Pots. In Case You’re Renting.
It Grows Well In All Areas. Buy And Plant.
Cure Your Health Disorders. And Leave Chemicals Alone. Because They Make Your Situation Worst

Ewedu leafs has in Abundant The Following
Vitamin A, C, And E. These Vitamins Are The Reason Why You Can’t Get Cancer If You’re Using Ewedu leafs In Abundant.

The Omega 3 Content In Ewedu leafs is Amazingly Incredible. This Alone Is Waging War Against All Known And Unknown Diseases. And Make You Look Healthy And Youthful
If You See Any Old Person In Yoruba Land Looking Healthy, Strong And Young. Ask For The Secret. Ewedu leafs Is The Answer. I Can Prove This.

My Question Is, Why Should I Take Calcium Supplements Which Creates Additional Toxic Load In The Body And Abandon Ewedu Which Supplies Calcium In Abundant.

Beta Carotene
Amazingly, I Mean Who On Earth Could Believe That One Serving Of Ewedu leafs Contains Over 1,200 IU Of This Natural Supplement
Iron, Niacin Etc Are All Found In Ewedu leaf, Research Disclosed

Oyibos Have Helped Us a lot. Many Of Them Are Nice People. In Fact The Summary Of It Is That Any Kind Of Human We Have Here In Nigeria Exist In Oyibo. But Don’t Forget That They Are Humans. (The Law Is The Only Restriction They Have) Especially Life Is Not Easy In Many Of Their Countries Except Few Countries Over There

Few Years Ago. From Nigeria I Made My Order For Barely Grass Powder From Australia. Amazingly The Oyibo Woman Refused To Send My Order. And Advised Me To Search In My Country, I Shall See Similar Leaf Or One Even More Powerful Than Barley Grass. She Said To Me. Quote
“Tony Maraizu, Our God Is A Good God Who Cannot Suffer You To Be Buying Barley Grass From Australia (23hours Flight) To Solve Your Health Problems In Nigeria He Has Placed Many Other Things In Your Country To Meet Your Health Problems.” Unquote. That Statement Got My Attention

Since Then I Have Done So Much With Our Own Herbs And Roots Based In My Studies And Research.

Palm Oil Is One Of The Most Powerful Oils In This World With Uncountable Health And Healing Benefits, Both Heat And Cold Pressed.

Nevertheless Oyibo Brainwashed Us That Their Own Olive Oil Is The Best And We All Fall For It. In Reality, Olive Oil Can Never Be Compared To Palm Oil In All Ramifications. But Because Oyibo Has Spoken.

I Saw A Group In Aba Abia State Warning People Never To Have Anything To Do With Palm Oil. That Palm Oil Is Evil. It Has Cholesterol, And It Can Kill. When I Asked Them Where They Got Such Information, They Told Me They Read It From Magazines From USA. I Wept For What Oyibo Has Done To Us.

★God Would Cease To Be A Good God If He Keeps Our Vegetable Oils In USA, Australia, New Zealand. How Would My Poor Mother in Aba Get Oil For Cooking If It Was To Be Bought From New Zealand?

Oyibo Saw We Have Coconut And Coconut Oils In Abundant, The Same Story Of Cholesterol Came Up. All Our Doctors And Health Ministers Fall In. Thank God The Truth About Coconut And Palm Oil Is Gradually Coming Up.
Oyibos Make Billions of US Dollars For Their Olive Oil While Ours Suffer Unnecessary Rejection.
How Many Trees of Olive Have You Seen in Nigeria or African? Is God Unwise?

Oyibo Saw We Have Sea Salt In Abundant, The Same Story Came Up To The Extent That Our Own Government Has Labeled Sea Salt As Poison. Asking People To Use Refined Salt With Added Chemicals And Abandon What God Created For Us To Use.

Some People Say To Me, This Your Sea Salt Is Not The Himalaya Salt From Abroad. Therefore I Cannot Use. Sea Salt Is Practically The Best Salt In The World. Do Your Research. If At All It Needs Research.

Even Our Government Has Not Understood Many Manipulations By These Oyibos. Your Saddest Moment In This Life Starts When You Make Government Health News Your Source Of Well being. Because Even FC Uncountable Health Experts Still Fumble.

Serious Warning!!!
★Never Abandon Your Treatment For Ewedu leafs Use Them Together As A Supplement

Always Remember And Never Ever Forget That Good Health Is Not Buy Luck/Chance. Rather By Implicit Obedience To God’s Divine, Health And Moral Laws.



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