Health Benefits Of Aju Mbaise Herbs

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Aju Mbaise Herbs: What it is and Its Health Benefits.

One of those few herbs that manage to last till this present day is Aju Mbaise herbs.

This herb cures almost all health challenges, from obesity to malaria and fertility issues.

Many treatments used to successfully treat sick patients today have their sources from the traditional herbs used years ago by people of different cultures. 

Although today’s scientists and medical professionals discovered new, effective, and faster ways to solve medical issues that adapt to the present technological demands, the great achievements we now see should still be traced back to the traditional herbal mixtures.

In this article, we’ll cover the basic things you’ll need to know about this herb including several ways to use it in your favor and with so many testimonies of aju mbaise.

What is Aju Mbaise?

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Aju Mbaise is a herb that originates from the indigenous Imo state, a location in the south-eastern part of Nigeria.

The herbs combine several supplements such as ginger roots, traditional leaves, uziza seeds, uda, as well as the bark of a special medicinal tree found in Mbaise, Imo state.

When combined, the mixture of these supplements forms a coiled wrap popularly called Aju Mbaise.

This locally consumed medicinal herb has a bitter alkaline taste, containing bioactive compounds responsible for antibacterial activities.

The leaves are often brewed as a tea and used in pepper soup. Most often, this soup is prepared for nursing mothers to help regain lost strength after a painful childbirth.

According to a study published in the Nigerian Journal of Nutritional Sciences, aju Mbaise contained a considerable amount of bioactive compounds including alkaloids, tannins cyanogenic glycoside, flavonoids, cyanogenic, glycoside, and saponins, as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

Health Benefits Of Aju Mbaise

Like many other herbal medicines, aju Mbaise offers several potential health benefits including:

Flushing Out Unhealthy Substances After Childbirth

After childbirth, nursing mothers tend to experience an unusual discharge that often lasts for a couple of weeks which is closely related to menstrual discharge.

This unusual discharge is often accompanied by mucus, blood, pieces of uterine lining, and white blood cells.

The blood from this discharge is called “Lochia.” To eliminate this toxic substance, aju Mbiase is engaged, removing stale and postpartum blood from the womb, as well as excess water, and postnatal substances.

By doing this, the stomach speedily returns to its original size and shape as well as replenishing the lost strength.

Used as a Detoxifying Agent

In the old days, several practices including using Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems of detoxification were adopted by people to cleanse, detoxify, and nourish the body from the inside out.

These medicines were very essential and helped a lot of people get rid of toxic and poisonous substances from the body, while also adding healthy, useful nutrients that help the body grow better.

The same applies to using aju Mbaise herbs – it has a natural detoxifying effect that helps get rid of toxic and harmful substances from the body.

It is often used by women who had miscarriages to eliminate dead particles from their bodies.

Used for Stimulating Breast Milk Production

Pregnant women are expected to start producing milk during the first few days postpartum which is hormonally due to the endocrine control system.

This hormone helps them to start making colostrum during their Lactogenesis I (around 4-5 months) and increase the volume of milk when they get to lactogenesis II (after childbirth).

However, in a few instances, the milk production period may be delayed due to hormonal changes resulting from health and environmental factors.

In this case, aju Mbaise herbal mixture is a necessary stimulator to help the body produce milk when it’s needed.

Used to Enhance Fertility

Aju Mbaise as a detoxifying agent achieve two key things in the body of women:

  • Removes and eliminates dead cells that hinder the formation of new ones.
  • Creates a healthy environment that supports and stimulates new cells

This process makes the body ready for fertility, improving the quality of the egg and creating a conducive environment for the womb that is healthier for conception.

Additionally, it can be used for fighting low erection, boosting sperm count, treating waist pain, increasing libido, and boosting men’s overall sexual performance.

Side Effects Of Aju Mbaise

There are a few instances where taking Aju Mbaise in excess or certain conditions may result in some side effects. Here are few side effects of the herbal mixture:

  • Dizziness: excessive intake of this ancient, tried and true medicine can cause dizziness which could result in further disasters like car accidents, dislocation, etc.
  • Loss of appetite: the mixture contains certain alkaloids that suppress hunger, thus, making you lose appetite after in-take.
  • Heartburn or stomach upset: excessive intake of Aju Mbaise can cause heartburn or stomach upset that is similar to the feeling you have when you eat spices.

Various Preparations Of Aju Mbaise

  • Aju Mbaise for weight loss
  • Aju Mbaise for fertility boost
  • Aju Mbaise for flushing out infections
  • Aju Mbaise for diabetes, malaria, cancer, and ovarian cysts

Preparing Aju Mbaise For Weight Loss

  1. wash the whole wrap of Aju Mbaise rigorously under running water
  2. Put it in a pot and add water until the water fills the pot to the brim, then cover.
  3. Add a little spice to boost the taste
  4. Cook under a minimized heat till the liquid turns golden.
  5. Your drink is ready for consumption. 

Wrapping It Up

This herbal mixture known as “Aju Mbaise” is not like any mainstream medical drugs out there, it’s been around for years but never lost its effectiveness.

The mixture has also been used in the making of flat tummy tea, weight loss supplements, and other powerful medical treatments used in our world today.

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