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Blessed rising. This is the program for people who ask to loose belly fat and a bit more weight a bit faster.

As you know loosing weight or belly fat can prevent heart troubles , insulin resistance which can cause diabetes , a fatty liver and prevent troubles in the gallbladder and even reduce the risk of cancer .

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The first thing you have to do is get a few herbs. (1) chickweed ,(2) Dandelion leaf, (3) Uva ursi ,(4) Plantain , and (5) nettle leaf. Get some Probiotics and belly blast. On the first night take a gallbladder flush , next morning take 1 glass of lemon or lime juice mix with B grade maple syrup and drink 6 glasses for the day for 3 days eating only grapes and cabbage soup, water, and the herbs mentioned above. 3 cups of that tea should be taken every day for 21 days.

After the 3rd day, introduce cucumber, celery, string beans and green pepper juice only from a juicer, with a scoop of belly fat blast, and 20 million of Probiotics. After the first week take another gallbladder flush and every week after for 21 days .

On the 3rd day of the program, cut down on the lemon maple syrup mix and drink only 4 glasses per day with distilled water and all the other stuff mentioned above. Eat as much grapes as you like, but do not eat them early in the morning or at night and you will loose all that baby fat, belly fat, liver fat, heart fat, and all them other cholesterol fat that is keep you sick.

Please do some sweating by going to either a sauna, or opening the hot water only in your shower to sweat plus doing 50 sit ups per day for the next 21 days and send us your picture before and after the program.

Good luck and keep the mind strong cause this program deals with endurance and discipline. Remember you can do anything once you put your mind to doing it as the mind is a terrible things to waste . You can move mountains once you have faith. Blessed love .


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