How To Start Palm Wine Business

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How To Start Palm Wine Business In Nigeria.


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Did you have at least some idea that palm wine, the conventional refreshment produced using the sap of different types of palm trees, offers a large group of astounding medical advantages? This old normal remedy has been consumed for a really long time in tropical locales and is known for its particular flavor and extravagance in supplements. In this article, we will reveal the secret force of palmi and dig into 20 extraordinary advantages that you might have never known about. Palmi contains fundamental nutrients like vitamin C, B-complex nutrients, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and zinc, which are pivotal for keeping up with good health.


It likewise has cell reinforcement properties that assist with combatting free revolutionaries in the body and lift the safe framework. Moreover, its normal sugars give moment energy, going with it a brilliant decision for competitors and outside fans. Besides, palm wine has been found to support absorption, advance cardiovascular wellbeing, and further develop skin and hair wellbeing. It might try and have disease properties. With this multitude of surprising advantages, no big surprise palm wine holds an exceptional spot in conventional medication and social festivals all over the planet. Thus, get a glass of palm wine and go along with us as we divulge the secret force of this fantastic drink.

There are just a few alcoholic beverage drinks in the world that add a very high nutritional value to the body as palm wine. In Nigeria, palm wine is one of the highly source alcoholic beverages both among the rich and the poor due to the fact that it is tapped from nature and can be consumed without industrial processing.


Palmi is derived from the sap of palm trees of different species such as Raffia palm, Palmyra and date palm.

It has different names by people all over the world for example, in India, it is referred to as toddy, in Cameroon it is called Tumbu liquor or matango. In Nigeria, it is called emu by the Yorubas and Nkwu or Pamii by the igbos.

In this article we shall give a detailed step in starting your palm wine business in Nigeria.




Palmi is produced in countries rich in oil palm trees such as Sri Lanka, India, Southern America, the Philippines, Malaysia, and more pronounced in African countries such as Nigeria, Angola, DR Congo, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Cameroon.


Nigeria is one of the largest and consumer producers of Palmi in the world with over 2.5 million metric tonnes of palmi produced and consumed yearly. It is mainly sourced for special occasions such as traditional marriages and events, town group meetings, birthday ceremonies and so on.


However, despite the increasing demands of this highly sought after drink, it has nothing to gain so much attention by the federal government of Nigeria to invest in it. Nonetheless, more people are still moving into the business.


What Is Palm Wine


Palmi is a tasty beverage that is sap from Palm trees of different species. It is whitish in color and could give off a sweet and sour taste after fermentation. It contains 4% alcohol and can be consumed both at indoor and outdoor events. It is often consumed with nkwobi in the Eastern part of Nigeria or barbeque. Some people preferred to mix their palmi with other drinks while some prefers to take it unmixed

What Is Palm Wine Production?


The process of tapping, processing and packaging palm wine for sale is known as palmi production. In Nigeria, local palmi tappers deliver their products to the retailers and local bars for sale.


Business Opportunities In Palm Wine Production Business In Nigeria And Around The World.


Palmi production business is a very lucrative business for anyone to venture in and would require that maximum attention is given to it.


There are several business opportunities in palmi production. Below are some of the opportunities in the palmi production business in Nigeria and globally if you are hoping to start a palmi business in Nigeria.


1). Beverage Drinks Production:


Palmi is not just locally sourced in Nigeria, it is also becoming a favorite drink for some people in Diaspora. It contains 4% content of alcohol and has been proven to be loaded with numerous health benefits. Producing palmi as a beverage drink can help you fetch enough money. Although wine has a quick perishability, it can be further fermented and processed into bottle drinks that can last longer.


2). Sales And Distribution:


If you are lacking the required capital or resources to start your palmi  production, you can venture into the sales and distribution of it which is another lucrative business to venture into. Most wine tappers have limited access to consumers and that’s where retailers and distributors come in. As a distributor or retailer, all you have to do is to get  wine tappers supplied to you while you sell to the consumers. You can start with buying large volumes or average quantities from the wine tappers then retail it in smaller units to the consumers.


How To Start A Palm Wine Business In Nigeria: Step-By-Step Guide:


  • Market Research


Knowing the market research is the first step of starting a wine production business in Nigeria. You need to understand the market system very well before moving into it.


  • Get A Business Site


After researching about the market and you are fully prepared to go ahead with it, the next thing to secure is the business site. Whether as a retailer or a producer, the business site is very important. You need to look for a site where you can easily sell your wine and if you will be distributing it, you will still need to check if your location is motorable to where your consumer is.

If you intend to own a place of your own, perhaps a wine parlor or a joint, ensure it is located at the center of activities where people can easily locate you. You can also reach an agreement with a bar, hotel or general relaxation center to sell on their premises.


  • Network With Palm Wine Tappers


Network with other palmi tappers and grow your network to boost sales and production. Networking with expert palmi tappers and those who are experienced in the business will not only help in boosting your sales but in minimizing the chances of loss in the business.


  •  Add Extra Supplements:


If you intend to have a joint or wine parlor then it is necessary to add some other supplements to the palmi. Nkwobi, tasty cowhides (Kponmo), barbecue, and pepper soup are good supplements to add to the palm wine.

You can help your customers relax properly by setting up a sound system for them too.


  • Packaging, Branding And Distribution:


If you are going to start the production of palmi, then you can do well to package, brand and distribute your products to the consumers.


Challenges Of Palm Wine Business In Nigeria


There are some challenges of the Palm wine business in Nigeria. Some of includes, lack of support from the government, quick perishability of palm wine, lack of research on the benefits of palm wine and how to preserve it for long, absence of mechanism to aid tapping, irregularities in the rate of production, high risk loss, insufficient capital for start up and some others.


11 Interesting Facts And Benefits Of Palm Wine


There are so many interesting facts about palm wine that consumers will need to be aware. We shall give five of them.


  1. Palm wine contains 4% of alcohol
  2. It contains acetic acid, lactic acid and yeast which are essential to the body.
  3. Palm wine is rich in amino acid which helps to build body tissues.
  4. Palm wine is rich in vitamin B and C which helps clear eye vision.
  5. palm wine is used in treating rashes
  6. Palm wine contains vitamin B12 and other antioxidants that fight cancer cells.
  7. Palm wine is not alcoholic until it is fermented
  8. Palm wine aids milk production in new mother’s
  9. Nigeria is one of the largest producers of palm wine in Africa and in the world.
  10. Palm wine also treats malaria, stomach upsets.
  11. The sugar content in palm sap is used to produce coconut honey.


Final Thought


The palm wine production business continues to be one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into due to its high demand. More so, its sweet taste and nutritional value speaks for itself.

If you are capable of building a wide sales network then you are certain that you are going to make your profits everyday. If you are also looking for a business site, then Nigeria is a great option to explore. Also, a consultant will be of help to your success in the business. You can get one here.


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