10 Nigeria Cultural Food To Consider

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    Top 10 Nigeria Cultural Food To Consider In 2023


A Culinary Journey Through Nigerian Food: An Insight into the vibrant food  culture of Nigeria.

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Africa is the home where everything in culture is valued greatly and well-respected. Especially our Nigeria cultural food.


With its different ethnic gatherings, Nigeria flaunts a rich and tasty culinary legacy that mirrors the country’s dynamic food culture. From the waterfront locales toward the northern savannas, Nigeria’s cooking is a combination of delectable flavors, flavors, and methods that have been gone down through ages.


In this article, we will take you on an enrapturing venture through Nigeria’s culinary scene, investigating the conventional dishes and the narratives behind them. We will dig into the energetic road food scene, where delectable tidbits like suya, akara, and puff entice bystanders with their captivating smells.


You will find the significance of Nigerian staples like jollof rice and beat sweet potato, which are delighted in homes the nation over as well as during celebratory galas and social events. We will likewise dive into the social meaning of these dishes, as they frequently act as images of solidarity and personality.


Go along with us as we disentangle the privileged insights of Nigeria’s gastronomic fortunes and commend the multifaceted flavors and customs that make this country’s cooking genuinely remarkable. Prepare for an extraordinary culinary experience that grandstands the best food in Nigeria culture.


From fashion to hairstyle to parties, the Africans seem to approach their world uniquely and gorgeously.


But there’s at least one core part of Africa that everyone else seems not to be talking about: The Delicious Meals.


Go to exotic countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, etc. And you will be consistently stunned by the richness and quality of the African dishes.


Nigeria, being the giant of Africa is known for delicious stews, starchy vegetables, and aromatic spices of all sorts – no doubt, it’s home to some of the world’s tastiest savories.


Whether you’re looking to break away from your daily messy dinner routine or looking to try something rather sophisticated and tasty, Nigeria cultural food is your best bet at getting off the status quo in your daily meals.


Below we’ll dig deeper into traditional Nigerian dishes you must try out today.

1. Ewa Agoyin Nigeria Cultural Food

10 Nigeria Cultural Food To Consider


Image credit: All Nigerian Foods

Fresh looking, tasty, and delicious, Ewa Agoyin is a popular recipe among the Yorubas living in the western part of Nigeria.

It was originally found in Benin Republic but is now adopted by the west Nigerian as part of their own delicacy.

Ewa Agoyin is a mixture of honey beans and pepper sauce cooked separately.

Added to the sauce are onions, tomato, crayfish, palm oil, maggi, meat, and so forth.

Not to hype, this is time for you if you’re looking for a meal that tastes similar to honey.

Combine this with starchy recipes like bread, plantain, or boiled yam, and I bet you’ll want some more.

2. Suya

10 Nigeria Cultural Food To Consider


Image credit: Precious Core


Popular among the Hausas of the northern part of Nigeria, suya is simply a beef that is cut and spread over an open flame, then mixed with cayenne pepper, stew, and other seasonings.

It’s commonly sold in the street by Hausa men to the public.

Afterward, the grilled beef skewers are served with onions, cabbage, and sometimes tomatoes, then wrapped with outdated newspapers to be presented to the buyer.

3. Abacha and Ugba Nigeria Cultural Food

10 Nigeria Cultural Food To Consider


Image credit: Pinterest

Commonly called “African Salad,” Abacha and Ugba is a Nigerian recipe found in the eastern part of the country among the Igbos.

It is prepared from sliced oil bean seed (Ugba) along with vegetables and cassava.

Before the preparation of Abacha, the cassava is properly cooked and grated, then laid out in the sun to dry. When the meal is ready, it’s commonly served with pomo and fried fish. This is the best Nigeria cultural food among the Igbos.

4. Efo Riro

10 Nigeria Cultural Food To Consider


Image credit: organicfacts.net

Translated as “stirred leafy vegetable,” Efo riro is another nice delicacy associated with the Yorubas.

It is a raw spinach stew made with scotch bonnets, red bell peppers, and spinach itself.

It is combined with beef, chicken, pomo, smoked fish, and pumpkin to form a delicious mixture.

This recipe is mostly cooked with palm oil (sometimes vegetable oil), adding delightful taste and sweetness, then served with fufu, Amala, Eba (cassava cake), etc.

5. Ogbono Soup

10 Nigeria Cultural Food To Consider


Image credit: Low Carb Africa

Ogbono, commonly called “draw soup,” is another prominent Nigerian soup found among the Igbos.

It’s usually prepared from the bush mango’s seed, along with other condiments like oil, stock fish, and dried fish.

Similar to Efo riro, it’s commonly served with pounded yam, fufu, or Eba.

6. Pepper Soup


Image credit: Low Carb Africa

This is found almost in every part of the country, from bars to hotels and other restaurants.

It’s a light and spicy soup accompanied with goat meat, beef, chicken, and mutton fish.

During preparation, seasonings such as gbafilo, uda, and alligator pepper are added to give a wholesome taste.

While it’s commonly found in every location and restaurant, most of the time they are sold at bars where buyers consume them with beers.


In general, it’s rich, spicy, delicious, and very healthy, leaving you with an unforgettable taste.

7. Jollof Rice


Image credit: Eleanor’s dish

Also found in other African countries such as Ghana, Jollof rice is simply rice made from tomatoes, scotch bonnets, chili peppers, onions, and other spices.

This is arguably the most popular food in Nigeria eaten by almost all Nigerians regardless of their tribes.

Preparing this meal is quite easy and straightforward that even a fifth-grader can do it.

It is commonly combined with beef, chicken, or smoked fish to create an awesome delicacy.

8. Moi Moi


Image credit: My Diaspora Kitchen

This is the favorite of many Nigerians including those living in the north. It’s a steamed bean cake prepared with flaked fish, crayfish, and boiled eggs.

Some other major ingredients usually added during preparation are pepper, salt, and onions.

It’s commonly served with garri, bread, pap, or custard.

9. Akara


Image credit: My Active Kitchen

Commonly called “Kosai” in the northern part of the country, Akara is a popular Nigerian recipe generally consumed by people in the north and western parts of the country.

Similar to Moi Moi, it’s a bean cake found fried with vegetable or palm oil.

It’s usually served as a breakfast food with palm, garri, or custard.


10. Afang Soup Nigeria Cultural Food


Image credit: Sisi Jemimah

Lastly, on our list, we have one of the popular Nigerian meals commonly known among the Efik tribe of Southern Nigeria.

Prepared with Afang or Okazi leaves and other nice condiments like stock fish, prawns, or periwinkles, the soup is served with eba, pounded yam, or fufu.

The taste of this delicious meal is second to none, making it the favorite of the Efik tribes.


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