Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Watch

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Top Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Watch (7 Proven Ways To Care For Your Watch)

Top tips for maintaining a healthy watch. Like every other thing in life, watches are beautiful, but they are not without enemies.

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From rust, dust, UV radiation, and many more, the adversaries are limitless and are ready to destroy your fun at the slightest opportunity.

Hence, you need to be prepared to put off the light on these enemies by following some basic patterns and principles so your watch stays healthy as always.

In this post, we highlight top tips to help you maintain a healthy watch whether you’re a Nigerian, or live overseas.


1.Maintaining A Healthy Watch Clean Your Watch Regularly

Think of your wristwatch as a tool that helps you accomplish your daily goals.

But why should you have that mindset in the first place?

Because everyone wants their tools clean and healthy so they continue to enjoy them for a longer period.

We all want clean wristwatches, but very often, people forget that keeping a clean wristwatch requires some diligence and obligations on our part.

Keeping your wristwatch clean helps you to not only keep them in good condition, but it also helps you keep a cleaner and healthier personality.

So how are you supposed to keep them clean?

  • Use a soft-bristled watch to clean the face
  • Use damp cloths to clean the leather (if you’re using a leather watch)
  • Clean with cotton material
  • Stay away from stains

2.Maintaining A Healthy Watch Dry Your Watch

So you nodded “Yes, I clean my watch regularly, what next?”

That sounds good and I’m super encouraged to hear that. But here’s the part that most folks ignore: they rarely dry their watches.

No matter how soft you apply liquid when cleaning your watch, understand that most wristwatches have metallic faces, and so they tend to get rust when exposed to water.

To avoid rust, always ensure your watches are completely (or fairly) dry before you wear them.

Also, if you sweat a lot, always ensure you sundry your watch immediately after any occasion to maintain the glow and keep a refreshing scent.

Ordinary cleaning won’t make too much difference if you don’t dry your watches.

3.Maintaining A Healthy Watch Service Them Often

Just like the illustrations I gave above, a wristwatch is your everyday tool, and not keeping it as such will destroy it so quickly.

And like you’ll always service your car, laptop, or any other business tools you are using, it’s important to service your watch regularly for longevity and unplanned breakdown.

If you’re using quartz and mechanical wristwatches, the rules imply that you service them once or twice every five years.

4. Maintaining A Healthy Watch Avoid Magnets

Since time immemorial, magnets are enemies of mechanical wristwatches and can spoil the fun and amusements you get with them.

And if your watch is already running slow, fast, or stopped altogether, magnets might be the reasons for that malfunctioning.

They are not permanently dangerous to your wristwatch, but they can cause utter damage to its accuracy.

The reason for this is because the balance spring is vulnerable and could become stuck to itself if its hair-thin coils or becomes magnetized.

Thus, you want to ensure you’re not keeping your watches close to the deadly poisonous magnets.

5. Don’t Expose To Excessive Sunlight

While sunlight is intended to bless humans and help them with a lot of things, the UV radiation can cause potential dangers to your skin and tools.

Yes, we need sunlight to help our bodies to make vitamin D, but too much of them is an enemy to you and your wristwatch.

Too much ray causes your fabrics and tools, including your wristwatch to fade out so quickly.

Additionally, they shorten the battery life of your watch, so stay away from much sun.

6. Know Your Water-resistant Level

Having a water-resistant wristwatch is beautiful.

However, if you don’t understand the water-resistance level of your wristwatch you can ruin it in no time, leading to an unhappy ending for both you and your watch.

Keeping to the water-resistant chart can be helpful to know the limits. Here’s a guidelines to help you keep your watch healthier:

  • 50 meters is perfect for showering and swimming in shallow water
  • 100 meters is appropriate for swimming and snorkeling.
  • 200 meters for scuba diving
  • 500 meters for deep water diving

Now that you know the limits, you don’t want to go snorkeling, when your watch water-resistant limits are 50 meters.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a water-resistant wristwatch, don’t ruin them by trying to expose them to water.

7. Change Straps Carefully

Scratches and shocks can damage any watch mechanism, as well as the casing.

One of the fastest ways to scratch your watch lugs is by changing your straps.

While this can be a good way to keep your watch healthy, if you’re not trained, you can ruin your watch so quickly.

To change your straps, learn how to do it, or hire someone to do it for you, so you don’t destroy your elegant watch.


Wristwatches are like babies to our daily lives: they are very soft, fragile, and should be handled with care.

If you want to enjoy your watch you should keep them healthy with the tips shared above on top tips to maintaining a healthy watch.

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