Where To Buy Fuelless Generators In Lagos

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If you’re looking for a fuelless generator in Nigeria, you may be surprised at the variety of options available and the range of prices. With this guide, you can learn more about searching for the right generator and finding the best price in Lagos.

Researching different brands of fuelless generators is important when shopping around for the best price. Consider factors that may affect pricing, such as power output, noise levels and durability. Check online reviews to get a feel for what other shoppers are saying about each generator brand. Compare prices from multiple vendors to find the best deal on your desired model.

There are so many places you will buy fuelless generator in Nigeria, but before then lets explain the meaning of this new type of generator in town.

A fuelless generator is a generator that generate electricity without using a fuel or diesel. It’s fuelless, noiseless, smokeless, and reliable too. It’s a new source of power that is completely safe, efficient and the durability is top notch.

The unstable supply of electricity in Nigeria is one major problem everyone is facing. There are few who can afford the cost of fueling their generator for 24 hours consistently for a long time. Even at that the increasing price of fuel will make it difficult to do so.


The solution to unstable power can be found in the fuelless generators.


A fuelless generator as the name implies is a generator that is capable of producing electricity without using a fuel to power it.


It is a device  that can function without any internal combustion engine. It is free of a combustion engine which consumes fuel to function.


Just simply put, it is a battery, charger and an inverter enclosed in a box


It is available in different sizes and can be used for domestic and commercial purpose




 Cost Efficient 


The cost of powering a combustion generator for 24 hours is no child’s play. One of the advantages of a fuelless generator is that it saves you the cost of fueling it.

In addition to that it requires low cost to maintain.




Have you ever driven or trekked some miles to a filling station to purchase fuel just to find out that they are lacking in supply?

Fuel scarcity, increase in fuel price, fuel subsidy among others are the challenges of using a combustion engine in Nigeria.

However, with the presence of fuelless generators one can be assured of electricity anytime they want.

The reliability of a fuelless generator is top notch and can be used at any given time.


Durable And Noiseless


Fuelless generator is durable, that is, it has the ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage.

Also fuelless generators are noiseless and can help you maintain that quiet environment while you enjoy its usage.




Fuelless generator does not produce poisonous harmful gas that is dangerous for man and the environment. It is smokeless and does not emit fumes since it doesn’t make use of fuel.

Having a fuelless generator will help one in maintaining a pollution free environment.




There are quite some disadvantages of the fuelless generator. It is still in its developmental stage and more still needs to be done about it. However, its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

Some of the disadvantages include:


The use of battery as its source of power


The fuelless generator is powered by a battery which is one disadvantage of it in that, when the battery is discharged it stops working.


Less working hours


It doesn’t run for a long period of time unlike the combustion generator that can run non stop for many hours.



Here are some features of fuelless generator and why it is better than the combustion generator


  • Uses a battery

It uses a battery to start unlike the combustion engine that uses fuel to start.

  • Doesn’t produce fumes

It doesn’t produce toxic fumes unlike combustion engines that emits fumes

  • Low cost of generating power

It requires low cost to maintain unlike the combustion generator that requires a very high cost to maintain

  • Noiseless

It can be installed in the house as it doesn’t produce any noise unlike the combustion generator that emits much noise.




There are quite some online shops where you can purchase a fuelless generator and get it delivered to you within the next 24 hours.

Some of the top online marketplace websites in Nigeria where you can purchase a fuelless generator on Jumia, komback and Konga just to mention a few.

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