Top 5 Best Laptop Power Bank Brands In 2023

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   Our Top 5 Best Laptop Power Bank Brands In 2023


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In today’s fast-paced modern world, maintaining connectivity is of utmost importance. A drained laptop battery can result in lost productivity and missed opportunities. This is where a high-quality power bank becomes invaluable, providing a portable and dependable power source for your laptop wherever you are. However, with numerous options available, selecting the ideal power bank can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve thoroughly searched the market to present you with the top 5 laptop power banks for 2023.


Each option offers a unique blend of power, portability, and versatility, ensuring you remain connected and efficient regardless of location. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or a frequent traveler, our list is certain to offer the perfect power bank to fulfill your requirements and surpass your expectations.

  1. Anker 747 power core 26k.
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The Anker 747 power bank, also known as the Power Core 26K for laptops, is a portable charger engineered to energize your devices for days. Boasting a substantial capacity of 25,600 milliampere-hours, this power bank can charge an iPhone 13 Pro up to five times, a Galaxy S20 over four times, or a 2021 MacBook Air. The power bank features a duo of USB-C ports that facilitate simultaneous high-speed charging for two devices and two USB-A ports with a combined output of 78 watts.


Connecting to either of the USB-C ports provides a rapid 87-watt charge, capable of fueling various computers, including the 13.4-inch MacBook Pro in just 2 hours and 14 minutes and the Dell XPS 13 9380 in 2 hours and 54 minutes. A 65-watt wall charger will fully replenish the internal battery in 2.5 hours, whereas a conventional 5-watt charger would require more than 17 hours.


The Anker 747 power bank arrives bundled with a 65-watt wall charger, USB-C to USB-C cable, travel pouch, welcome guide, an 18-month worry-free warranty, and friendly customer service. Driven by premium LG batteries, it offers total protection for you and your gadgets and ensures a reliable charge. The power bank is fortified with advanced temperature control, negative temperature coefficient sensors, and a three-point safety system that guarantees ultimate protection and peace of mind. Its brushed aluminum alloy exterior grants it a premium appearance and tactile feel.


Under model number A1291, the Anker 747 power bank is compatible with laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smaller devices such as AirPods and the Apple Watch. For $149.99, the Anker 747 PowerCore 26K power bank is an exceptional investment for anyone needing reliable and potent on-the-go charging.


  1. Shargeek storm 2
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Meet the Storm 2 power bank offers a distinctive charging experience through its futuristic design and advanced functionalities. Adorned with a transparent case and cyberpunk-style elements, it marks the inception of a new design era. Among its highlights, Storm 2 features an intelligent power control system with an IPS display that provides real-time updates on your device’s charging status. This empowers you to effortlessly monitor battery levels and charging speeds, enhancing your control over the charging process.


A standout feature of Storm 2 is its adjustable output voltage direct current port, granting users unparalleled freedom to charge a diverse range of devices, including those with unique charging requirements. The power bank is equipped with two USB-C ports, a USB-A port, and a direct current output port, ensuring the safe and reliable charging of all your devices, whether a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other electronic gadget.


Impressive in capacity, Storm 2 boasts a high-density 25,600 milliampere-hour battery that can be replenished in a mere 1.5 hours—significantly quicker than most other power banks. Moreover, it supports various charging protocols like QCPD and PPS, making it compatible with various devices, ranging from electric fans, coolers, and drones to camp lights.


Prioritizing safety, Storm 2 is the ultimate choice for those searching for a dependable and secure charging solution. Its built-in protection system encompasses over-voltage, short-circuit, and extreme temperature protection, ensuring your gadgets remain safeguarded during the charging process. Storm 2 boasts an e-zero classification fireproof PC chassis and employs the safest Samsung lithium battery cell, certified by UL9500 and 4A.


While the price tag of $229 might appear steep, it’s a worthy investment for individuals who value safety and reliability when charging their devices. Storm 2 offers a comprehensive blend of cutting-edge features, futuristic aesthetics, and robust safety measures, making it an exceptional choice for power banks.

  1. UZE Bold 2
Top 5 Best Laptop Power Bank Brands In 2023
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The Bold Two power bank stands out among the most powerful options in today’s market. This device boasts a variety of interfaces that enable charging for a wide range of devices. Uniquely, the Bold 2 is the world’s first portable power bank to offer an impressive combined 290 watts output. If you’re seeking a power bank with substantial capacity, a 27,000 milliampere-hour or 100-watt-hour rating could be your ideal solution. Its 140-watt output ports can charge even the most energy-hungry devices like laptops and gaming consoles. Plus, its capacity for simultaneous charging across six devices ensures all your gadgets stay powered up.


Designed with premium materials, the Bold Two sports a sleek, functional, and durable construction. Its OLED screen displays battery life, input, and output for effortless monitoring. Despite its power, it’s lightweight and safe for air travel, conveniently fitting into your pocket or bag. Perfect for those on the go, it even supports MagSafe-compatible charging, making recharging your devices a breeze.


Whether you have laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, headphones, drones, cameras, portable speakers, or other USB devices, the Bold 2 offers unmatched convenience. You can even charge your Apple Watch using a 5-watt or MagSafe-compatible charger with a more potent 15-watt output. Moreover, the Bold 2’s aircraft-grade aluminum construction ensures excellent heat dissipation, making it worry-free to carry during your travels.


Priced at $159, the Bold 2, the world’s first power bank with a combined 290 watts output, is a premium choice. It’s perfect for those searching for a high-performance, versatile power bank that delivers on its promises.

  1. Powdeom ES150
Top 5 Best Laptop Power Bank Brands In 2023
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Introducing the Powdeom ES150, a portable power bank tailored for outdoor adventures. With a robust battery capacity of 158 watt-hours or 42,000 milliampere-hours, this power bank proves ideal for camping, travel, hunting, road trips, or unexpected power outages. Count on it to keep your devices charged and ready for action.

The Powdeom ES150 boasts versatile features, including a direct current 30-watt and PD 65-watt input, supporting a speedy 95-watt input rate. This means you can recharge it in less than an hour before embarking on your camping journey, ensuring it’s prepped for your adventure. Equipped with Lithium Polymer batteries and advanced battery management system protection, it vigilantly monitors voltage and current, ensuring a safe battery life of up to 10 years of daily use.

With an impressive seven ports to cater to all your needs, this power bank enables you to charge up to seven devices simultaneously. Thanks to its compact design and laptop-charging capabilities, you can bid farewell to bulky adapters and effortlessly keep your devices juiced up while on the move.

The Powdeom ES150 packs a punch, delivering up to 150 watts of alternating current power (with a peak of 200 watts) and a direct current input of 15 volts and 2 amperes (max 30 watts). Additionally, it features a USB-C output of 65 watts and a USB-A output of 15 watts.

Priced at $129, the Powdeom ES150 is affordable yet dependable for outdoor enthusiasts. Never be left without power again—keep your devices charged and ready for action with the Powdeom ES150. 

  1. Omni Charge Omnipresent
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Providing multiple charging options for devices like laptops, drones, and cameras, this power bank resembles a compact power station. Although not yet tested in our Lab, our experts admire its inclusion of USB-A, USB-C, and DC ports, as well as an AC port which allows direct connection to a charger for a 100W output. The USB-C alone should suffice for charging most modern laptops requiring up to 60W.

Wireless charging is supported, and an OLED screen displays battery status. The manufacturer claims recharging takes less than three hours and offers four methods: AC wall charger, solar charger, car power port, or laptop adapter. We also commend its weight of just over a pound, making it lighter than other power banks. However, we do wish it had a higher battery capacity to recharge a standard laptop multiple times.

  1. Ugreen 145 Watts power bank
Top 5 Best Laptop Power Bank Brands In 2023

If you’re searching for a dependable and potent portable power bank, the UGREEN 3 Ports Portable Power Bank is worth your consideration. Boasting a capacity of 25,000 milliampere-hours, it can charge your device multiple times on a single charge. With three ports that support PD 3.0 and QC 3.0 fast charging, you can simultaneously charge three devices.


The UGREEN power bank stands out with its 145-watt two-way fast charging feature, allowing for swift power bank recharging or an ultra-powerful charge for your devices. Rapid recharging through USB-C takes a mere two hours, while other devices can be fully rejuvenated in six hours. Moreover, its air-flight-friendly status makes it a convenient companion for travel.

For those seeking a trustworthy high-capacity power bank that can charge multiple devices concurrently, the UGREEN Three Ports Portable Power Bank fits the bill. Its LED digital display indicates output and input power and estimates the power bank’s full recharge time. The power bank incorporates a range of protection systems, including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, multi-level intelligent protection, over-discharge protection, high-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, and overcharge protection.

Priced at $149.99, it might lean towards the pricier side, but its features and capabilities make it a worthy investment. In summary, the top five laptop power banks 2023 offer high-capacity charging and portability, rendering them indispensable for those who require reliable power.

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