What Do You Know About Mercedes Benz

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Mercedes Benz

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Mercedes Benz is one of the biggest names in the car industry today and has contributed immensely to the development of the world with its innovative products.

In today’s world, the German brand is known for its luxury cars – examples are G wagon, sports cars, SUV, and sedans, just to name a few.

The name Mercedes has reigned for more than a year, but there is more to know about the brand.

In this article, we’ll look at some interesting facts about Mercedes Benz that you probably didn’t know before now.

1. How they Came About the Name

Many Mercedes lovers including you and me don’t probably know that the name of Mercedes was a product of the two names combined.

This name wasn’t the original name of the German manufacturer, either.

At its initial stage, the company was named DMG or Daimler Benz which were the names of the founders, Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Kari Benz.

Along the line, one of the founders, Daimler, died and car enthusiast Emil Jellinek became the chief engineer of the company.

He assisted in building one of the best models of the company and dedicated it to his daughter, Mercedes.

From that time, the car line became Mercedes Benz

2. Mercedes Benz Developed Safety Crumple Zones

The safety requirement of this present day is weirdly different from the ones used in the past.

For example, early models were created without structural safety features like crumple zones.

After some years of production, Mercedes created and patented this feature in 1952.

The safety crumple zones found in Mercedes Benz 220, 220S, and 220 SE were borne out of the idea of having a bodywork that absorbs the energy of an impact and holds it in the crumple zones to further safeguard both the driver and passenger.

3. Anti-lock Brakes For S-class

What Do You Know About Mercedes Benz

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Mercedes introduced anti-lock brakes to change the relationship between the driver and the car in 1978.

The inclusion of this system was the beginning of a wave of innovations that impacted the manufacturing of cars.

Bosch co-created these anti-lock brakes and the idea was to create brakes that help maintain the steering without locking the wheels whenever cases of emergency braking arise.

This lush new system was officially introduced to the market in 1978 with the S-class but was later extended to several other models.

4. Certified Pre-owned Mercedes Benz Have An Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Mercedes, sure of their products, offered an unlimited mileage warranty to those with certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz.

This was substantiated on the Mercedes website and it showed that every owner of this “beast” enjoys the remaining benefits of the 50.000 miles warranty.

Apart from this, the owners of this car will also be able to enjoy several other benefits some of which include an extra warranty of 12 months.

This offer means unlimited miles, resulting in an incredible five-year warranty with unlimited coverage.

5. They Developed A Self-driving Car In 1995

What Do You Know About Mercedes Benz

Image source- classicdriver.com

With modern technology and several advancements, self-driving cars are no longer something new to our world.

But back in the 1990s, it was iconic and exceptional. Mercedes made their first version of this futuristic creation in 1995 and has since developed better versions after that.

This autonomous Mercedes S-class is equipped with capabilities that allow it to travel an impressive 990 miles and are aided by computer vision and real-time reactions.

They also reached a top speed of 109mph before engineers drove it from Munich, Germany to Denmark.

6. Mercedes Collaborated With AMG To Create The First High-performance Car

What Do You Know About Mercedes Benz

Image source- komback.com

Want to know the first high-performance car? It’s the one Mercedes and AMG jointly created.

These two duo developed one of the best-known powerful cars in history.

The first alliance was in 1993 when they introduced the C36 AMG in the International Motor Show.

As at the time of creation, there wasn’t anything like it – it was literally the very first of its kind.

These two manufacturers put their resources together to develop a powerful engine for the regular Mercedes C class and came up with the C36 amg.

The car is powered by a 6-cylinder engine and with a capacity of 3.6 liters.

7. Mercedes Benz Created A Hybrid Vehicle In 1906

Image source- alamy.com

Mercedes began the automobile manufacturing adventure making hybrid vehicles as far as 1906.

The first product was the Mercedes Mixte which boasted an impressive top speed of 75mph.

This beautifully designed machine had a gasoline engine and generated electricity for two specific secondary rear wheel motors.

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