Wedding Dress Colors And Their Meanings

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What are these lovely times, I say. The world is altering traditions with altering mindsets. While some time ago wearing colors was not a very accepting wedding tradition. Now, colors even beyond white symbolize a meaning. Adapting colorful wedding wears has become the new wedding norms which in itself is a bold stand out of the crowd statement being made.





The popular, and known to all white has been a gorgeous and sophisticated choice for all these years, and still is. Now, women want to add their own definitions and meanings to the colors they choose for themselves on their wedding dresses!

The white color on the wedding gown symbolizes virginity, newness, innocence and even purity. The color also stressed on concepts of light and simplicity. White in general as a color symbolizes peace.

White as a color shouldn’t be confused as being “boring”. It is a color that can be uniquely designed and played around with. White color for wedding gowns too comes in ranges and types, the pure white, the milky white, off-white etc.

Wedding Dress Colors And Their Meanings


Ivory the color of peace again, put on a wedding dress symbolizes themes that are quite similar to those of white. Purity, tainted innocence, newness and virginity are its main themes. Ivory as a color choice is different from white and thus could be preferred by a bride who does not want mainstream white.


Silver represents responsible, organizing. Put it on a wedding dress and it gives off an impression of calm and soothing. An elegant look that can be designed and played around with. Silver is a sophisticated choice. A very modern alternative to white and a bold color choice, silver could be opted to represent your strong mindset and your willingness to drift astray from traditional stereotypes.


The color is as valuable as the metal itself, Gold is heavy and expensive looking as a color. The main themes that are highlighted when gold is chosen as a wedding dress color are power, happiness, extravagance, wealth. Gold, the color, the look itself is self-explanatory to its viewers what it stands for. It is attention grabbing.


A very attractive choice of color for a wedding dress. It isn’t necessary to have your gown completely covered in pink. You could have it blend in with whites too. Pink the color on the wedding gown represents femininity, youthfulness, a little mischievous, flirty and innocence. It also represents love symbolically.



The thought of the color in itself brings to your mind the calmness, the sea, the sky, the soothing effect of the color is known to all and that’s all that blue represents. When a wedding dress is color coded blue it brings to our minds boldness and uniqueness. Choosing blue will hold up your individuality. The themes that are highlighted on a blue wedding dress are calmness, gentleness, integrity, loyalty, reliability, honor and trust.



You must be looking like a gorgeous princess holding in some magical mysteries in that purple wedding dress of yours. Yep! You guessed it right, magic, mystery, royalty are the primary themes of a purple wedding dress. It also focuses on themes of authority and nostalgia. In other words, I look like a boss in purple, while looking elegant, soft and happy. Think of lavender and lilacs when thinking of purple.



Red, the first word that strikes the mind is fierce and bold. Red is bright and eye catching. It fits well, for a person with a rebellious personality. Someone who would always go out of the line to stand up for what they believe in. energy, warmth, passion are some more significant themes that are coined out of a red wedding gown. Excitement and courage are two very important symbolic ideas reflected on a red gown.



The color is bright and beautiful. It has a soft glow of warmth and compassion in it. It majorly represents themes of maturity, composure, organization and sophistication. It has a mellow glow of kindness about it. It symbolically also represents nature or mother Earth, thus, resonating with the calmness that we feel around nature.


In conclusion, colors chosen for a gown might either be traditional or a representation of your inner you. The gown is only a medium to enhance the already beautiful YOU!

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