5 Ways To Prevent Aging Skin

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5 Ways To Prevent Aging Skin

No one wants to look old.

That’s why everyone is racing to prevent aging skin and avoid premature death of their skin’s glow. As much as we admire old age and want to live to see their children and grandchildren, many people will rather stay younger and fresher while this dream comes true in their lives.

And that’s why you are here.

At the end of this piece, you will know what to do to slow aging skin and stay young even when you’re growing older.

1. Run From the Sun

5 Ways To Prevent Aging Skin

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It’s probably a well-known fact that the sun is an adversary to almost anything – fabrics, house equipment, shoes…the list goes on and on.

It’s also important to know that exposure to the sun can hurt the health of your skin, leading to wrinkles and premature aging.

Whether that’s going for mid-day hiking or spending some time with family on a beach, every time your skin encounters the sun you cut short its ability to live on.

Get yourself protected with sun-shade and protective clothing like long sleeves.

You can also get yourself water-resistant sunscreen.

To add extra protection to your clothing, get clothing with an ultraviolet protection factor label.

2. Quit Smoking and Alcohol

5 Ways To Prevent Aging Skin

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Smoking and alcohol are never good for one’s health.

They are poisonous items that not only impede your skin from looking healthier but also have a great negative impact on your skin in the long run.

Smoking makes your skin look older than it is and leaves you with wrinkles that make you appear unattractive to your spouse and family.

Alcohol, on the other hand, dehydrates the skin and causes wrinkles to soar, making your skin look rough.

Neither of these is good for your body, so stay away.

3. Eat good food

5 Ways To Prevent Aging Skin

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We are all used to the saying, “you are what you eat.”

This is especially true when it comes to the health of your skin.

A Dutch study found that dietary habits correlate with facial wrinkling and aging skin, especially in women.

From the studies, women who feed on a high amount of red meat and snacks tend to have more skin wrinkles than women who eat fruits and healthy foods.

That means, what you eat has a greater impact on how your body and especially your skin appears in the long run.

As much as possible cut down on carbs as they tend to increase your blood sugar and triggers insulin which ultimately causes inflammation.

n in your skin.

Instead, replace refined carbs and sugar with good fruits that help your body and skin grow healthier. Some good and fruit you should be going for includes:

  • Vegetables
  • Olive oil
  • Avocados
  • Flax seeds
  • Salmon

4. Use Moisturizer

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Moisture is part of the ingredients that makes your skin appear smoother.

Like Dr. Pilliang suggests, “avoid fragrances and any products that aren’t gentle on your skin. Irritation causes dryness and more damage.”

To supplement this, you should harness moisturizers and ceramides that help replenish your skin as well as exfoliate and soften it.

5. Stay Hydrated

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You knew this was coming, isn’t it?

You’ve probably heard this countless times, but have you ever practiced it?

Needless to say, water is essential to your body’s health, and without it, we can’t live.

Water helps flush toxins and unclean items in our body, aiding digestion of molecules, and regulating body temperature.

Without water, your skin dies and appears wrinkled.

A study in 2015 found that drinking water regularly helps the hydration of the skin and may boost the skin physiology.

That said, you should regularly take water to avoid your skin from aging so quickly.

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