Spiritual Benefits Of Praying With Sand

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Spiritual Benefits Of Praying With Sand
Spiritual benefits of praying with sand, Coconut, Scent Leaf, Bay Leaf and Salt.
Whenever you tell people to pray with nature most people tagged it unbelievers, same people go to church with candle,olive oil ,white handkerchiefs etc for it to bless and they use it, even one particular church in Nigeria wear libron as bulletproof against anything and they believe it will protect them against anything
There are prayer materials which are some very natural and pure while the other materials are hand made objects but are still effective.
These prayer instruments of nature includes sand, scent leaf,bay leaf, fruits especially coconut, salt.
 The non natural prayer instruments includes sugar, candles, paper.
 These are instruments which you can pick only one and use or combine as many as you can find to achieve some spiritual benefits.
For the sake of being clear, this is not a non Christian practice
 Christians pray with these methods and also gain spiritual benefits from it.
 It can only be bad if you are using it for other negative purposes and the method of preparation for negative purposes is very different from the process of using it to achieve positive results.
Spiritual Benefits Of Praying With Sand
Scent leaf.
 Scent leaf is a natural herb used by most African countries for health and spiritual purposes.
It has been used over the years and is therefore a tested means.
This is how to use scent leaf.
First, put a reasonable quantity of scent leaf in a pot.
Add clean water to the pot. Boil the leaves.
Sieve the water into your bucket and do not add extra cold water to dilute.
 If you want it cold or warm, allow it to cool off on its own.
Do not add any water that is not scent leaf water to it.
Use it for your bath.
Here are some spiritual benefits of scent leaf water:
1. It shields you from evil energy :
Not everyone is happy with your progress even when you think you’re in peace with everyone.
 Some people might be sending negative energy to destroy your progress.
 When you can, once in a while bath with scent leaf water you will see the difference.
Do not think that you don’t need it.
 There are a lot of things going on spiritually that you don’t know.
2. Scent leaf water is used to break curses:
If someone has cursed you or your child or siblings, I recommend a scent leaf water bath.
 This helps you to break such curses as generational curses, curse from jealous people whom you have not wronged. Etc.
Please note that while using the water to bath, you should open your mouth and pray.
There is power in the tongue.
If you know exactly what you want, declare it.
Praying with coconut water:
Spiritual Benefits Of Praying With Sand
Coconut water can be used as protection for children once they are born.
Use the coconut water to wash the head of the baby for seven days.
 One coconut for each day and that means seven coconut.
After washing the baby’s head, put a neat clothe of the baby in the water and dry it out.
The baby should wear the clothe the next day or as soon as it dries out.
For adult use, break one coconut, pour the water  it on your head and make prayer declarations on yourself.
Spiritual benefits of using coconut water includes:
1. To destroy spiritual attack;
Coconut water is entirely natural.
Before you pour some on your head, drink some.
When you are doing so, pray against all forms of spiritual attack in your life.
 If you notice that your child or siblings is under any form of spiritual attack , do not delay to use coconut water.
2. To break free from backwardness and stagnation:
Some people continuous notice backwardness or stagnation in their life.
 Do not wait until the jealous and evil one finally consumes you. This method is cheap and easy.
Do not give anyone the chance to delay you from where God has destined you to reach in life.
Stagnation and backwardness does not occur suddenly.
It happens because someone has projected it for you.
 I implore you to stand up and take back what belongs to you.
Bay leaf.
Available bay leaves are usually dry.
It is the bay leaves that are dry that are required. Bay Leaves are sold in the market by those who sell kitchen spices.
Bay leaf is used in cooking.
It has a great scent like scent Leaf but this is how to use it.
 When you buy the dry bay leaves, they are usually still while and not broken into pieces even though it is dry.
Take a marker and write what you want on the bay leaf.
Burn the bay leaf and scatter the ash on the ground.
Bay leaf burning works like magic.
 These are the spiritual benefits of using bay leaf:
1. You can use it to attract success:
“You can write i attract success daily” on the bay leaf.
Write as many as you can.
Write the different things you desire that is positive. Bay leaf is used as a magnetic force of attraction.
You can write” I receive business success” etc.
2. Bay leaf is used to attract money:
Many people who burn bay leaves are living testimonies to the use of bay leaves. You can even write “I receive abundant wealth” daily or you can write a specific amount.
When you burn the leaves, remember to sprinkle the ash of the bay leaf outside.
The only limitation to this method is your disbelief.
 If you believe it would work, it will attract so much that you will not believe your eyes.
Praying with sand and salt :
To pray with sand and salt is an effective means of praying. Hold either sand or salt in your hand and pray.
After the prayer throw it out.
 You can as well remove your slippers or shoes, match on the sand and pray, then watch your miracles happen.
These are the spiritual benefits of praying with sand :
1. You connect your blessings:
Praying with salt and sand helps you to connect to your blessings and manifest your blessings.
These are nature given instruments.
As long as you don’t use it for evil intentions, you have no need to worry. Planning evil for a fellow human being backfires so avoid evil.
2. For natural protection:
Once a testimony was given of a Lady who was kidnapped along side other people.
 Immediately they got to the location for ritual, as they brought them down from the vehicle, the woman said she removed her slippers and matching the sand with her feet, she started saying “this land and this soil, you shall not hurt me rather you shall work in my favour”.
She said she continued saying this and eventually, she was the only one who came out alive.
 According to her, once they tried to kill her, the ritual process would become invalid and they would start again.
After three tries, the leader of the fans asked for her immediate release and she was driven back to the road before they dumped her.
Do not under estimate the power of natural things when combined with prayer.
In conclusion, always say your prayers anywhere you find yourself.
Do not be afraid of evil arrows and jealousy people. As much as you can, always pray psalm 91. God who is the chief security himself would always protect and shield you and meet you at the point of your needs. Amen.
Source: Unknown.
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