Spiritual Uses Of Garlic Powder At Home

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The benefits of spiritual uses of garlic powder at home to drive away evil spirits. If you follow the steps, you will get what you want. Good Luck. God bless you as you do this.

You can sprinkle salt around your home to absorb all negative energy (sea salt) work best or you can get a transparent glass cup and add water and sea salt to it then put it in four corners of your home.

If the water change color especially black, then there is many negative energy in your home, continued till cleared (sea salt absorb negative energy)


Sprinkle some original and authentic garlic powder around your home to drive away evil spirit and negative vibration, evil spirit hate garlic smell.




How To Use Sea Salt & Garlic



Garlic is believed to have an exceptional power of repelling and breaking evil spirits.



Sea salt has an ancient recognition of cleansing the body, soul and mind both spiritually and physically.


It was also used by our forefathers and ancestors to purify the land when they notice any sign of negativity.



Blend some garlic

Put it in a clean bowl

Get a clean water and boil it to be warm

Add some sea salt to the warm water

Gently put the blended garlic into the mixture of the salt and warm water.

Sieve the warm mixture, collect the liquid and discard the chaffs


How to use garlic powder

Pour some amount of the liquid into your bathing water, pray as you bath with it.

Don’t use soap to do this, so you may have previously taking your bath before doing this.

After bathing with this don’t dry your body with towel allow your body to dry.


When to use:

Use only at night, let it be the last thing you do before going to bed.

Use for 7nights only and prepare fresh one


Things you may experience when you apply it:

Start to lose friends who has bad spirits

Terrible dreams

Positivity in business and finances

Healthy marriage and marriage proposals

Favor and good luck

People will begin to fight you both spiritual and physical.


This bath is not for the faint heated, if you start experiencing the above, don’t quiet, keep using it till you get your breakthrough.

Source- Unknown.


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