Battles With Cancer-Patrick Delves

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I just got sad news from a few people who lost their battles with cancer even though chemo was administered. Try to read the article to know more about the deadly sickness.

People must learn to keep their body clean and in balance in order to create a hostile environment to this deadly sickness . Here is a flush you can do to keep not only the liver from cancer invasion.

But it clean the spleen, pancreas, small the and large intestine, get rid of a fatty liver and gall stones( if they are small enough to pass through the bile duct) . This battles with cancer is what everyone will put hands together. Try to take care of what you eat and so on.

Please share with your friends as cancer knows no color , cancer don’t care if you are rich or poor, small or great all it know is to attack your organs and kill you so please stay tune for our PowerPoint on Facebook and YouTube title The immune system and the organs of elimination and how to keep them in balance to prevent not only this deadly sickness , but other ailments. Blessed love always .


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