African Will Unite-Patrick Delve

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It is so sad to see our African people killing each other every day and feel Facebook is the best venue to display those negativity.

Some of Our sisters is now showing the world what they should be showing to their spouse only fighting each other for the world to see until one day someone get kill with you all foolishness, and you will be charge for murder cause you wanted likes on Facebook.

They have us African people as hooligans, and some of us are playing into their hands cause lots of our young people were not taught about how powerful we are .

We generate trillions of dollars , but hardly own anything. We fight each other in the streets for petty stuff instead of building our community. We pull each other down because we were taught that by willie lynch.

We are being pushed from our neighborhood because of gentrification and still we can’t seem to catch ourselves. Something is wrong and that’s why if we don’t start loving and helping each other (like the so callled Jews) we will end up in some camp where they want to extinguish us because they know if we unify ourselves, how powerful we can be cause we are a mighty people with a mighty background.

It’s time to find yourself and stop depending on them so-called leaders cause from the time they are leading us we haven’t seen no freedom yet . So I’m bringing back Malcolm X , Steve Biko, John Sankara, Marcus Garvey, Maurice Bishop, Patrice lumumba and those who are genuine to our people . For now, I lead myself.bless.

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