Diabetics Machine Drive-Patrick Delves

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                                  Diabetics Machine Drive-Patrick Delves


This post is for diabetics machine! Just took a patient to spice isle imaging center (who i work with) and i notice a lady outside saying she is not feeling well.

Turned out she has diabetes . I always walk with both high blood pressure and diabetics machine in my bag and decided to check this lady’s sugar level , it read 545 mg dl.

Now her sugar being that high will not only damage her kidney, eyes, heart , and nerves but can cause death. So people who are diabetics, please invest in a machine so you can be checking your sugar levels,It saves your life .

We had to get her insulin shots to bring that level down, so please if you have diabetes, please take precaution to keep your sugar level in balance as it can save you from complications.

There are many poor people who cannot afford a machine and those are the people at a higher risk of loosing a limb. So let us create a drive to help those who cant afford a machine to get them one as we are our brothers and sisters keeper. Blessed love .

By Patrick Delves


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