Natural Foods With No Pill-Patrick Delves

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Blessed rising to the masses.

We were taught to look at the commercials that have a pill coming from the sky like Jesus to take care of us and keep us well but with more side effects than benefits, how a pill with more side effects than benefits is going to repair your disease? Impossible.

We were brainwashed to believe that there is no cure for any disease when the creator created the body to heal itself if given the right environment.

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We were taught that the faster the foods the better , but the faster the food, the faster we die.

We were taught that putting chemicals in the soil will give us a faster produce , but the soil when being abused will never give us its nutrients so we die from malnutrition.

We were taught that we don’t need a seed to plant after reaping our crops , but if you cant get a seed after planting a seed , your organs will be genetically modified and will give you cancer .

But i say to eat what you grow and grow what you eat in an environment that is unpolluted as possible and detox the organs regularly and your organs and the blood will nourish and keep you away from a disease as food and herbs is for medicine given by the most high .

So don’t look in the sky for that purple pill but look on the earth for your food cause that’s where you belong , not in heaven. Blessed love .

By Patrick Delves


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