How To Promote Your Business Online

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Promoting business in the present world has exceeded beyond ordinary physical promotion whereby small businesses go through needle’s eye to promote their goods and services.

A lot of people are online today and that’s why you have to promote your business online. Most people do their shopping online. The digital age has let consumers becomes more wiser. Anyone who will buy something will search for it first online. Having a great and active brand appearance can make you one step ahead of your competitors.

More so,it was tough to attract attention of customers if one lacks fund or resources because it’s only companies with huge funds can succeed in the industry.

Nevertheless, as a small business, there are ways you can promote your business online for free without thinking twice about any payment for ads to individual or company.


This is one and the most popular channel to promote your business online for free. Account creation on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc is one among many ways to promote business free online. Social media is an instant connection to the world, it’s an instant channel that connect with people at the same time. One can explore social media means without paying for ads to market your products. It’s advisable to open business account where one targets his audience for his products.

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Local Google search engine optimization is another easy and free way to promote your business without any payment for ads on Google. Local SEO helps small organizations by listing their products on Google through the platforms like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business etc to be more visible to customers because according to Google report, 4 out of 5 customers use Google search engine to find local information.


This is an incredible way to promote small business. Though, it might take a while to get the result like other websites but it helps in building small business. Writing your ideas on the product, the benefits of the product and post on the blog to reach your audience. With this little idea, it will help to build your domain and generate traffic to your blog and the more people search for you on search engine, the more customers you get.


This is where people share their products,goods and services, ideas, thought etc for other people to see. In group, forum or community, if there are over 10,000 people in the group or community and posting your products in the group, you might find your customers.


Small business can reach out to customers through SMS and email. It helps in updating customers with new product.
In a nutshell, there are over 30 ways in which small business can reach out to millions of customers and to gain traffic online for free. So, any small business can use these five ways to promote business for one cannot afford expensive advertisement.

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