Metro Digital TV Cable Provider In Nigeria

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Metro Digital TV Cable Provider In Nigeria- How To Choose The Right Digital Cable TV Provider In Nigeria

With so many digital cable TV providers in Nigeria, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your home. From pricing to channel selection, there are many factors to consider. This guide will help you navigate the options and find the best provider for your needs and budget.

A local pay digital TV cable  provider in Nigeria, Metro digital Ltd, has announced that it will shortly start broadcasting live football games, including WWE, nollywood movies, among other things, games from the English Premier League. Metro digital is the best cable tv providers in Nigeria.

Dr. Ifeanyi Nwafor, the company’s managing director, told reporters in Port Harcourt on Monday that Metro digital would begin operations in response to a decision from the Federal Government for Multichoice to sublicense channels to it.

According to him, after three years of competition, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) ordered Multichoice to sublicense part of its channels to Metrodigital in a letter dated October 25.

“The letter was addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of Multichoice, and signed by George Obi, Head, Legal Unit of NBC on behalf of the Director-General of NBC.

“The letter directed DSTV to comply with the 6th edition of the NBC Code as amended, in pursuant to Metrodigital’s request for channels sublicencing as ordered by the Federal Court of Appeal.’’

Nwafor said with the directive by the NBC, the decades-long monopoly enjoyed by DSTV in the nation’s broadcasting industry had come to an end.

He said that Multichoice’s monopolistic actions in the pay television business had restricted the growth of the country’s broadcast industry.

“The monopoly was to blame for the failure of indigenous businesses granted licenses in the last 20 years due to exclusivity, warehousing, and other factors, among others.

As a result, the Federal Government took action to solve the issue by revising the broadcast code after realizing the danger and enormous obstacles that these monopolistic tactics posed.

According to him, “the code prohibited domestic and international acquisition of material based on exclusivity and required licensees and broadcasters to sublicense channels for economically reasonable amounts.”

Nwafor said that NBC’s instruction was in conformity with a Port Harcourt-based Court of Appeal decision that ordered NBC to compel DSTV to sublicense a number of its channels.

Metrodigital had previously written to Multichoice to sublicense its channels, but the managing director claimed that Metrodigital had not yet heard back from Multichoice.

As a result of this breakthrough, local cable TV operators in the nation can now sublicense Multichoice material, according to The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).


Based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, MetroDigital Ltd offers multi-channel terrestrial digital satellite TV service.

This business gives its consumers access to up to 60 channels, depending on location.

Basic Package: At a lower cost, you can access exciting news, documentaries, kids’ channels, and movie channels with the Basic Package.
Depending on where you are, up to 20 channels are available.

Gold Package: You may watch live games from the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Seria A, and other top football and sports leagues with the Gold Metro tv package.
The channels for movies, entertainment, news, kids, and documentaries are also the greatest.
For the best use of this pay TV network, subscribe to this bundle.

Five different subscription packages are available from Metro Digital TV, but we’ll focus on just two here.

The complete list of Metro Digital TV Channels, Packages, and Subscription Prices in Nigeria is shown below.
The monthly bundle renewals.
There are several online payment options available for Metro digital Payments.

Metro Basic costs 1500 Naira per month and offers more than 20 channels.

For 3500 Naira a month, Metro Single Gold offers more than 60 channels.

With a Dual View decoder with more than 60 channels, Metro Dual Gold is available for 4500 Naira per month.

With a monthly cost of 4,000 Naira, Metro Single Premium offers over 60 channels and premium programming.

With a monthly renewal of 5000 Naira, Metro Dual Premium offers a Dual View decoder with more than 60 channels and premium content.

Information about MetroDigital Customer Service and contact information:

Before choosing a digital TV cable provider in Nigeria, it’s important to determine your needs and budget. Consider how many channels you want, if you need access to international channels, and if you want additional features like DVR or on-demand content. Also, think about how much you are willing to spend each month on your TV service. Once you have a clear understanding of your needs and budget, you can start comparing providers to find the best fit.

Phone: 08174637583 or 08038291409

No. 8A Circular Road, opposite G.R.A Junction, off Aba Road, Port Harcourt is the official MetroDigital service center.

Facebook Page: MetroDigitalNigeria (

Contact information is


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