The Formula To Shrink Cancer Tumors

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By Patrick Delve

This formula is to shrink cancer tumors in the neck , intestines, liver, lung, brain and uterus. If its a cancer tumors we have to prevent the cancer cells from creating blood vessels so they don’t come back.

so lets go to nature .

(1) red clover , ( which have anti tumor activity and the insoflavone genistein which prevents the tumor from creating blood vessels so they shrink)

(2) orange peel ,

(3) Stillinga,

(4) Paudarco,

(5) Chapparal,

(6) dang qui,

(7) yellow dock root,

(8) Boldo,

(9) turkey rhubarb, and

(10) cleavers.

One ounce of each herb mix together and should be taken in tea form , three cups per day.

A bowel and liver cleanse should be taken before embarking on this program , and starches and heavy proteins should be avoided and the large bowels and blood should be kept clean and these herbs from nature will do their job by shrinking your cancer tumor.

Lots of other remedies will be in my soon release book on how to repair simple ailments with things at your home so give Jehovah the glory for putting herbs on the earth to heal our bodies . Blessed love .

The Formula To Shrink Cancer Tumors

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