As The World Become Overpopulated

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Greetings. As the world become overpopulated, two things will happen.

(1) the food chain will become more polluted, and

(2) they will try their best to increase infertility in our young girls.

(3) Decrease the sperm in our young men, turn boys into girls and turn girls into boys. That’s another way of depopulating the world.

Lots of us seem to blame china for bad food preparation but its also happening in America some parts of Europe and even in the Caribbean countries including Grenada which have a high cancer rate for a small population of just 90, 000 people. Lets talk about when it will be overpopulated.

We are killing the soil with chemicals and the soil in turn is producing no nutrients for us which put us at risk of coming down with diseases like cancer as cancer is an immune disease cause by eating dead atoms.

The seeds we buy are bad, the foods we eat are killing us slowly. The water we drink is contaminated , and even the air we breathe is full of toxins that man created after given a clean earth by Jehovah .

We seem to blame the most high for everything that’s negative but never look at the good he does like giving us the rain and sun to help with our crops.

When the rain fall it don’t fall on one man’s house top but it falls on us all including all races so we must come together to stop the onslaught on our food chain otherwise the next generation will be in a worst position than we are and they are our children.

As the herbs are for the healing of the nations, let us use them in the right way to keep our temple clean from diseases cause that’s what man created not Jehovah so get up on the good foot and clean your house and you will survive this tribulation that mankind is bringing upon us. Blessed love.

By Patrick Delves

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