Prostate Cancer Cure And Remedy

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August 5 at 10:03 AM

Blessed rising to the masses. I was very disturbed to learn today that a few men was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 44 and 49 years , that’s alarming as younger men is dying from that disease.

My meeting with DR calliste (and he can confirm) last week was even more surprising when he revealed to me that in the last week he saw 7 men all under the age of 60 with stage 3 prostate cancer.

What are we doing as men to curb that disease? Are we being educated about prostate cancer or are they letting us get the disease so they can remove our prostate gland?

I did a video on prostate cancer and men is still not listening on what to do to keep that gland healthy avoiding prostate cancer, so I’m driving the message to men again.

Too much sex or no sex at all will affect the prostate in a negative way if you are not educated as education is the key and knowledge is power.

Jamaican men in particular is dying from prostate cancer more but the whole of the Caribbean countries is also in an epidemic state in terms of cancer while prostate cancer is unheard of in Africa.

We men do not like going to doctors as women do, so wives, girlfriends please see that your husbands and boyfriends get their annual PSA, and ultrasound screening to make sure that their prostate is intact, and keep them away from too much alcohol as alcohol depletes the b complex and zinc which is abundant in the prostate gland.

Make sure when you are using the bathroom use a 1 foot stool to elevate your feet so your sigmoid colon can relax preventing waste from contaminating the prostate gland. Please men join our 30 day mucusless diet starting on Friday so you can have good prostate health.

The live video will be done tomorrow at 7.30 PM giving instructions on what to eat while doing the program. Give thanks and Jah blessing always.

Source:Patrick Delves.

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