To All My Small Business Owners

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To All My Small Business Owners

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To my small business owners, is it good but it’s bad? when your friends and family don’t help you grow because they know you too well, instead they will buy from a total stranger.

Yes, businesses want profits but at the same time we look at the value our products bring as well. There’s more to profits and losses in running a business. … When you support friends’ small businesses, you are helping families you know feed their kids, pay their mortgage, secure their future or trying to make ends meet.

Finding ways to support small businesses has always been important, but the pandemic has shown it is a mainstay in our economy, and aside from the numbers, these shops, eateries and offices make up the fabric of our communities.

One of the many challenges facing us due to the pandemic is the change to our routines, whether visiting the gym, or shopping at a boutique, seeing a movie or going out to dine and drink with friends.

In many cases, those places where we meet are small businesses. And the members of the community who own them need your help.

When you support small businesses, you are fostering a thriving economy and community.

Rihanna releases a lip gloss, people buy it. Michael Jordon puts out some new trainers, people buy it, but they cant help  small business owners at all.

Dr Dre has new headphones, people buy it. Oprah promotes weight loss programs, folks jump(if they can)on board. Beyonce has a concert, people spend $300 on a ticket.

Friend and family member starts a new business, people are wary. “Not sure this is going to work. Help small business owners to grow.

“I”II give it 6 months”, “they’re a bit expensive! “Why are we so quick to support someone we don’t know, who has plenty of money already, but we can find a million reasons not to support someone we know living a regular lifestyle.

When you support direct sales and small businesses. Not contributing to a celebrity’s endless and huge bank account. We owe our friends the same loyalty.

So next time you see a friend or family member posting about their small business give them a quick like, share or a comment, you don’t even have to buy the product or service.

  •  Visit Their Website

Most businesses have websites that they use not only to showcase their products or services, but to attract potential customers as well. If your friend has a website, take some time to read their blog and leave positive comments. Just be sure not to leave too quickly (a practice called “bouncing”), since that can actually have a negative impact on the site’s rankings. Instead, explore the site thoughtfully and spend some time on each page. That kind of interaction can go a long way toward improving their rankings during searches.

  • Share Their Posts On Social Media.

Watch for updates and inspiring posts from a business. Take a look at their stories on Instagram and follow their Facebook page. Check them out on Twitter and share their posts on Snap chat. When a small business has a large following on social media, they stand out, get found, and flourish. Some small businesses rely almost 100% on social media to grow. The bottom line is that if you have a friend with a small business, engaging with them on social media is essential. Small business owners are getting creative with unique ways to serve you so keep in touch via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. And share – it’s good exposure for them.


  • Write A Review.

Now more than ever, a review about customer service or awesome products will make a difference.  Help them show up online as a 5 star business to help them attract new customers.This may be one of the best ways to help your friend’s small business during the holidays. Today, online reviews replace traditional “word of mouth” advertising. Seven out of ten consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. That makes reviewing vitally important. A positive review on, for example, Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Plus, and their website can do wonders! Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect, but simply super flattering.


  • Tell A Family Member Or Friend About A Small Business You Love.

Use word of mouth to support your favorite small businesses.  Talking about your friend’s business can be especially helpful if you’re an influencer in your industry. If you are, you have a bigger audience who will take your advice and recommendations. On the list of “how to support a friend’s small business,” this is one of the best! Your family members or friends will likely trust and remember them more if it is shared personally.


  • Sign-Up For Newsletters.

Showing support for your favorite small businesses newsletter helps them know you are a fan. It also can notify you of any virtual events or special promotions.The vast majority of small businesses have an email list. Signing up for that list allows them to ‘speak’ directly to you and usually comes with some great perks. You’ll get exclusive discounts, learn about sales, and much more! It costs nothing but can help your friend’s small business in ways you don’t realize.


  • Comment Commenting Nice.

One easy way to support small businesses is simply commenting on their post. It can be words of encouragement, a reply to their product, or even a nice hello.

  • Download, Rate, Review

So your friend just launched a new app or website, did you actually download it? Have you taken the time to rate it on the App Store or leave a review?

In the beginning phases of a product launch, feedback is everything. New users want to be sure the product they’re getting has buy-in from others. Strong ratings and download numbers help ensure the product is valuable. And if a company is looking for investors, having metrics to show on the popularity of the app can be a game-changer.


  • Support Your Friend’s Businesses Via Web Traffic

Help Tame The SEO Monsters

When you read blogs, spend time on your friends’ sites, click around, and generate activity it causes a SEO {Search Engine Optimization} response that helps us. If no one comes to our site, it tells Google that we smell like rotten eggs. If we have activity, Google will know and will tell others that we are the big kahuna…or something of that sort.


  • Tag A Friend.

Many small businesses are offering up special promotions on posts in order to gain more customers. When you see these kinds of posts – tag a friend, you never know who may be in the shopping mood. The best network is the circle of friends you already have. Know someone who’s really great at taking Instagram photos or creating Youtube videos? Maybe they can help with online branding or content strategy. Know some bloggers or freelance writers? Refer them to your friend for some good press.


  • Post A Pic And Give A Shout Out.

You can support small businesses by sharing a photo of their shop and tagging them. And if you do decide to purchase something – share a quick pic. The more they get their name out there, the better.


  • Check-In With Small Business Owners And Employees.

If you are picking up food, ordering online, or browsing their social media, make sure to check in and ask how they are doing. No better way to support small businesses than verbally checking in.


  • Show Your Appreciation.

Tell them thank you. You can easily show genuine support by sharing your gratitude and thanking them for trying their best during hard times.

Bonus Tips To Help Your Friend’s Small Business

You can do so many things to help support your friend’s small business during the holidays. Most are easy, simple, and cost absolutely nothing. They might be small, but, in time, the results can be tremendous. Here are a few bonus tips to help as the holidays get closer:

  • Post a story about them on Instagram
  • Leave a comment on their Facebook page.
  • Hand out their promotional flyers on the street
  • Share their social media posts with your followers.
  • Tell friends, family, and colleagues about them.
  • Hand out their business cards and brochures wherever you go
  • Share an event they’re having on your social media.

It all help to gain more exposure to their business which really helps!

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