How To Start A Peacock Farm In Nigeria

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How To Start A Peacock Farm In Nigeria


Starting a Peacock farm in Nigeria has proved very lucrative as peacocks are highly demanded. A male peafowl is called a peacock and a female a peahen. They belong to the family of pheasants. Peacocks are big birds with an elaborate feather called plumage. When not displayed, it hangs behind them in a train of about five feet. It is also displayed as part of the courtship ritual.


Peacocks are regarded as the most elegant and beautiful birds and are of three main species and many other subspecies. Their necks, head and throats are often filled with small blue feathers and they have a pair of reddish legs, both peacocks and peahens have a crest on their heads.

Their plumage is the most attractive thing about them though some species have a mild nature and can be used as pets and companions. The plumage comes in different colors according to the species but are often blue, green and blue-green. The feathers have a distinctive design like bold eyes drawn on them and when displayed are very attractive hence its high demand.



A lot of people seem to desire peacocks and an entrepreneur would know this. Their feathers are used for textile designs, artistic purposes and decorations. Because of their hostility towards snakes as a peacock would not let a snake near its territory and would fight it even if poisonous, livestock rearers and farmers usually have peacocks around them, they can also be used as pets because of their elegance and lively nature.


They are also used for meat and egg production which is usually rare. Most people just keep it for its beauty.

Because peacock farming in Nigeria is not common it makes the business somewhat monopolistic but starting a peacock farm requires certain measures and adequate research as they are poultry.


Complete A Training Of Peacock Farm

One has to learn about the different species of the bird and its behavior some common peafowl breeds are Indian Blue, Black Shoulder, Buford Bronze, Charcoal, Cameo, Green Peafowl (Java Green), Opal, Oaten, Spalding, Purple, White, Pied etc. One also has to learn how to groom and take care of the birds properly to maximize profit. It should not be a problem once intensive research is done, you will be aware of the market value of each bird or feather and also the concentration of your target market.

Indian Blue


As usual before starting up a business, enough capital should be at hand and before starting up a Peacock farm, one has to locate a suitable and comfortable place to build a pen as the location of a business determines its success you can do this by conducting a proper survey of the environment to check if it is suitable for your birds, has a good climate condition, less predators and close to the market.


Housing A Peacock

Peacocks are large birds and would require a large pen, usually a 100 square feet required for each bird and well adjusted according to the length of their train, also chicken netting is advisable. They are frequent flyers therefore, their pen should be well covered and well secured against predators, have high roofs, and very well ventilated with warm lighting. Hanging plates should be used for feed and water to avoid droppings into them.


Peacocks don’t take water baths like other pheasants; they like to take dust baths, which is them rubbing themselves In the dust. They love it. They are also not frequent water drinkers. They roost in the night therefore, an adequate roosting place should be provided for them inside the pen. They lay up to 3-5 eggs at once and it takes 27-30 days to hatch. A peacock takes 3-4 years to get fully mature and up to breeding age.


Peacock Diet

Peacocks are omnivorous, they eat anything ranging from fruits like berries, nuts, tomatoes, bananas, groundnuts and apples to small mammals like mice, frogs, small snakes, termites and grasshoppers. Their feed should be commercial grade poultry feed or wild figs, animal matter, grains or nuts. Also they are birds and a working veterinarian should be close by and frequently invited for checkups to avoid the spread of diseases in the pen.



Pair a male peafowl with about 6 peahens for best results. Mating starts with an elaborate dance by the male to attract the attention of the female. The more elaborate the dance and display the better attracted is the female. Vocalization in courtship is a primary way to attract females. Once the peahen lays the eggs it takes 28-30 days for eggs to hatch. They reach sexual maturity in 3 years have longevity 30 years and peahen lays about 5 eggs in breeding season.

Peafowl Chick


Economic Importance Of Peacock Farm

Starting a Peacock farm in Nigeria seems very lucrative but can be very challenging because peacocks are very active birds and require a lot of care.

An adult peacock produces 150-200 feathers in a year and their feathers are the most sold part because of their beauty.


Their feathers are used to make feather fans, costumes, elaborate masks, colorful jewelry, necklaces, pendants, hair accessories, paintings, sculpture, painting and illustrations in some cultures. With this you must locate your target market like artists and retailers of Peacock eggs and establish a good and long long lasting relationship with them. You must also establish a good relationship with your distributors and companies that sell feed, medications and other poultry tools and equipment.




Also, buying directly from the manufacturers helps reduce cost. Peacock for sale on komback.

As a new peacock farmer in the market you can make use of the premium pricing marketing strategy which is starting your sales with lower prices until you gain ground and later increasing it this will help you maintain your customers and the value of your business.

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