Maintaining A Healthy Wireless Earbuds 

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5 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Wireless Earbuds

If you’re a music lover like me, you probably already know that wireless earbuds are taking over the globe, and rightly so.

The days of wired earphones are over and almost everyone is rooting for this new smartphone accessory.

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The problem, however, is that most people get so ridiculously elated that they forget their device is prone to wear and tear if not properly taken care of.

Don’t do that!

If you want to keep your wireless earbuds working excellently in the long haul, it’s probably wise to care for them so they don’t disappoint you when you need them the most.

Here are a few ways to maintain and protect your wireless earbuds so they keep working for long.

1. Store Properly 

Maintaining A Healthy Wireless Earbuds
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Proper storage practices are important to keep equipment and accessories working fine in the long haul.

The same is true for your wireless earbuds since they’re designed to develop faults when inappropriately handled.

The way you keep them can essentially determine their lifespan.

Most earbuds today come with an accompanying storage case with the manufacturer’s brand name on it.

When you’re not using your wireless earphones, it’s recommended to store them in their case to keep them from moisture and dirt.

2. Don’t Sleep With Earbuds On

Maintaining A Healthy Wireless Earbuds


This may sound counterintuitive, but sleeping with your earbuds on isn’t good for both your health and your earbuds.

Of course, I understand you fell asleep listening to your favorite musician while he stretches up and down on different musical notes. 

However, this is anti-productive for your earbuds and can get them damaged too soon.

You can – unaware of your actions – roll over in sleep and cause perpetual damage to your priceless earbuds.

For safety reasons, keep your earbuds case close to you while you lie on the bed to quickly tuck them away once you notice you’re feeling sleepy.

3. Set Volume at a Moderate Level

Blaring music is another error that most people commit.

The best of us believe increasing the volume of our headphones (or earbuds) doesn’t have any correlation with hearing disorders.

Some other people – attempting to avoid distractions in crowded environments – listen to loud music.

While this sounds pretty rational, it is hazardous to our health as well as our earbuds.

Constantly listening to loud music with earbuds can potentially damage your inner ears in the long run.

It can also affect the sound quality of your earbuds putting an end to all the fun.

4. Run From Moisture

Moisture is an enemy to electronics and most sound equipment including your wireless earbuds.

Even if your earbuds are waterproof, there’s a limit of moisture it should be exposed to.

Thus, taking your wireless earbuds to the swimming pool, bathing with them, or leaving them on while running is another way to spell trouble.

Splashes of water here and there or subtle dampness of the inner parts of your earbuds should be met with instant attention, as it can destroy or limit the audio capabilities of the device or even lead to complete breakdown.

5. Keep it Clean and Fresh!


Earbuds should be kept clean and healthy – much the way you wash your body regularly to stay healthy and refreshed.

If you wear your earphone regularly (or even once in a while) they can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris over time and might therefore need to be cleaned to help them stay healthy.

Cleaning your wireless earbuds regularly can improve their sound quality and lifespan.

If you want your wireless headphones to perform excellently, you should probably try cleaning them every day before you wear them.

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