Health Benefits Of Clapping Hands

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Clapping hands is believed to lower blood pressure and enhance general heart health.
Regular clapping also increases blood flow to many organs.
By enhancing the function of the nerve endings that connect these organs, clapping also helps to alleviate asthma-related issues.

Generally, we clap hands when we want to praise someone or something. It is a part of appreciation practice but there is a lot more to it than we think. Clapping hands has been proven to provide a lot of health benefits that most of us aren’t aware of.

There are so many ways in which clapping hands can uplift your health.

What does it mean spiritually to clap hands?

Clapping is only done in the Temple to praise God as King.
It was used to acknowledge Him as the Savior, the Universe’s Ruler, and the Sovereign Lord.
Therefore, it is possible to propose that clapping is a kind of worship when properly understood and used.

How long do you clap for?

Arunrishi described the method, saying, “It is easy—first clap with the index finger of the right hand four times on the left palm, then with the middle, ring, and little fingers, and then with the complete hand.
This takes only 15 seconds to finish and will press all required acupressure points.



Our human body is very complex. Every organ is linked to each other. The palms have blood vessels and nerve endings. If you stimulate them, a lot of your health problems would be healed.

This is surprisingly true. There are as many as 30+ acupressure points in both palms. You can activate them by clapping them together. With regular practice, you can yield these stunning benefits:



Clapping is the easiest way to de-stress your mind and control anxiety. When you start to clap, it sends positive signals to your mind which helps in preventing the state of depression. You would see various groups performing clapping as a part of their daily exercise just to increase happy hormones.



Clapping is shown to improve heart health by regulating blood pressure levels. As you clap, blood circulation gets improved in the entire body. This reduces the risk of numerous heart problems. Not just that, breathing problems also get reduced with clapping.



To our utter surprise, clapping is proven to boost immunity by increasing the production of white cells in the body. Thus, it eliminates the risk of infections that we generally get with seasonal changes.



The regular practice of clapping can increase cognitive powers in children. This would sharpen their minds, enhance memory, improve concentration and also better their handwriting with minimal spelling mistakes.




If you are someone who frequently suffers from back pains, try this clapping therapy. It does work. Clapping hands  likely reduces the severity of the pain which would eventually help you lead a normal life.



As strange as it sounds, clapping can actually cure a lot of hair problems that we face in our day-to-day lives. It would stimulate the growth of hair cells to improve hair health.



Apart from all the amazing advantages of clapping stated above, it is shown to be beneficial for patients of arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, headaches, common cold, eye problems, and many more!


What happens to the brain when you clap?

Clapping is believed to enhance brain activity, which helps with better handwriting, fewer spelling errors, and increased concentration in kids in particular.
Clapping boosts white blood cells, which are important for battling germs and, as a result, lowers the risk of contracting recurring illnesses.

The Clapping hands therapy Method

While it is okay to clap just like that, you must try this clapping therapy to avail some additional benefits.

Apply some mustard oil or coconut oil or a concoction of both on the palms which would get absorbed by your body. Keep your palms straight and clap them against each other in a way that palm and fingertips all should touch each other.

It is advised to perform this therapy in morning hours to receive maximum benefits. However, you can do it as per your comfort.


(Bishop Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala )

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