Benefits Of Eating Lizard Meat

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Lizard meat is high in protein, low in calories, and high in nutrients, including zinc and iron. Studies have found that consuming these nutrients is linked to health benefits, such as improved immunity and recovery.


Due to its nutrition, people have started to consume lizards as medicine and wishing for the benefits. Below are the list of benefits that you may get after consuming lizard meat :




Lizard meat contains some amount of calories which is almost the same with other types of meat. In one ounces of lizard meat contains 50 kcal. It is the same amount of energy in one ounce of chicken. To fulfill a daily intake of 1500kcal, you need to consume almost 2 pounds of lizard meat.




The protein contained in lizard meat not only provides us with energy but also can improve stamina. Amino acid is body repair block and it is known as part of body metabolism in producing energy




Asthma is an allergy which occurs in the respiratory tract and usually people with asthma will have difficulty breathing during asthma attack. Eating lizard meat is believed to cure and prevent asthma attacks. Maybe this benefits provides by the presence of certain amino acid that has repairing impact in respiratory muscle.




People in Asia have used lizard meat as medicine to cure many health problems such as epilepsy. Epilepsy is a disorder which occurs in the neurological system. Eating lizard that contains protein regularly can help to cure neurological disorder and maintain healthy nerves




It is believed that the meat of most reptiles such as snakes, Agama or iguana can cure skin problems. People in Indonesia used to eat lizard meat to heal itchy skin and some other skin diseases such as eczema, and psoriasis. They even drain the meat then turn it into powder and put in capsule skin.




As mentioned before, lizard meat can be eaten to cure skin disease. These benefits include acne treatment. Eating lizard meat everyday can reduce the inflammation on skin and remove acne from the face. Some people also use lizard blood to cure acne.




Gland disorder is harmful if it happens in the body. Most glands in the body regulate many processes especially in metabolism and immune function. One of the most important glands in the body is the lymphoid gland. It will be terrible if this gland gets damaged. Eating lizard meat regularly can keep the glands in their healthy function.




If you experience discomfort in the stomach, eating lizard meat can reduce those feelings by promoting flatulence. Too much gas in the stomach that is produced by gastric will cause some problem if its not getting out of the body.




Some vendors in Indonesia sold grilled Agama meat during night time and people used to come to eat Agama meat not only to improve stamina but to cure muscle fatigue and stiffness after working hard. The amino acid contained in lizard meat may become the reason to deliver this benefit.




It may sound impossible but who knows that lizard meat can be used to treat and fight cancer. A cancer patient in Bogor, Indonesia has proved these benefits. Doctor in a hospital suggested that a cancer patient eat Agama meat. Later the cancer patient ate 3 Agama meat everyday and after six months doctor examined him and it was a shocked that he was totally recovered from cancer.




Lizard meat can cure most digestion problems like nausea and discomfort. It also helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract in the body. The protein and amino acids which contained in Agama meat can also protect stomach lining from ulcer.


(12). CURE HEMORRHOID (pile)


Hemorrhoid is a condition of bleeding which occur in the anal tract during defecation process. Eating Agama meat can help bowel movement and protect the blood vessels in anus from certain damage.




Stroke mostly happens in people who suffer heart and cardiovascular disease. It occurs when the blood vessels in the brain get damaged and cause paralyzed limb or other body parts. Agama meat contains protein which can help to maintain healthy blood vessel and prevent atherosclerosis.




A news article published in Daily Mail UK reported that the oldest man on earth who lives in Bolivia has passed his 123 years and survived because he regularly eats lizard meat until now.

This man is still alive today and has 16 grandchildren and 39 great-grand-children. He is still strong enough to walk some kilometers everyday. Isn’t it amazing?




Catching fresh lizards will be another challenge. Lizards can be caught by using traps or shot . Nowadays some markets sell exotic meat which they call extreme food and it can be found in certain areas. If you purchase the meat from the market you better make sure the meat is fresh enough and doesn’t contain poisonous bacteria.


After getting the lizard meat you should know how to process and cook it. Follow these tips before you eating lizard :


Before you cook a lizard you should cut the head and the gut of the lizard. Don’t forget cut the anus as well


Divide the lizard body and separate the legs and tail by cutting them


Remember don’t use the same cutting board which you use to cut lizards with other kinds of food such as vegetables. This may cause cross contamination


Boil lizard meat for 20 minutes until the skin get loose and it sterile from any kind of bacteria


Remove the skin from the lizard body and then you can cook it just as you wish. You can fry or stir it, it’s up to you. The taste of lizard meat is just resemble to chicken wings


Just give it a try


(Bishop Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala )

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