How To Avoid Buying Fake Products Online

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       5 Tips On How To Avoid Buying Fake Products And Low Quality Products Online


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Fake products are counterfeit items that are designed to resemble genuine products but are usually of lower quality and sold without the authorization of the original brand or manufacturer. Buying fake products online can be risky as it often involves deception and potential legal issues. Here are a few tips to help you identify and avoid purchasing fake products online:


Trust me, I wouldn’t leave without dropping the extraordinary tips I have for you this week yet before we get into that, permit me help you to remember last week’s post where I gave 3 accommodating tips on the best way to get incredible arrangements on komback. This week is tied in with remaining woke! I will share 5 hints on the most proficient method to try not to purchase phony and bad quality items when you shop on the web. How about we go!


Is what you request what you get?

As Nigerians, most would agree we’ve all had our portion of “What I requested versus What I got” be it with food, telephones, hardware, and so forth. I heard a stunning story of how somebody purchased an Apple iPhone 13 from an irregular merchant on the web and on turning it on, the individual saw two hands shaking each other with “NOKI” composed strongly on the screen.


While these accounts might appear to be entertaining, they truly hurt and thus, they have deterred many individuals from shopping on the web. Yet, few out of every odd egg in the carton generally ends up being terrible, we simply must be more cautious with how we pick. To assist you with further developing your web based shopping experience, I will impart to you 4 hints on the most proficient method to try not to purchase phony and bad quality items on the web.


  1. Shop from confided in web-based sites and stores:

This is one tip that never turns out badly. Continuously shop from checked stores you can consider responsible for the 0.01% opportunity that something turns out badly. Around here at komback, we are tied in with ensuring you get true and top quality products at extraordinary costs. We ensure that any dealer found selling non-certifiable items on the site is punished and delisted and in an occasion where you are not content with your request, we have an adaptable merchandise exchange that permits you to return the thing free of charge and return any amount of money that is possible. You best accept that you are exceptionally secure shopping on komback.


Moreover, we have official stores on the komback stage that allows you to shop straightforwardly from China or from top brands you trust like Adidas, Defacto, Tecno, Infinix, Oraimo, Xiaomi, and so on. In this way, get on the komback wave and you will be grateful for it.


  1. Really look at Dealer and Item Appraisals:


As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, you realize it is normal practice to lock your entryway with the key despite everything attempting to open it with the handle just to be certain it’s appropriately locked. All in all, there is not at all like and that additionally applies when you shop on the web. In any event, when you are shopping from checked sites like komback, it is really useful to utilize the vendor appraisals and surveys to assist you with pursuing better choices when you shop.


Merchant evaluations are estimated in light of client criticism, item quality and request satisfaction . The higher the merchant rating, the higher your possibilities getting top quality items and a general extraordinary shopping experience. I for one generally target vendors with a base score of 60%.


Additionally, audits don’t lie and it is brilliant to gain from somebody’s insight. Thus, I read client surveys about the items I need to purchase and choose just items with a base typical item evaluating 3 stars except if it is a recently presented item with no evaluations yet.


A more straightforward method for doing this on komback is by utilizing channels. I channel by vendor score of “60% or more” and Item Evaluating of “3 stars or more”. That assists me with consequently taking out items that don’t meet my standards and effectively track down the best ones.


P.S: It is dependably fitting to rate and audit the items you purchase and offer your contemplation be it positive or negative. This will assist different clients with settling on better choices while shopping and furthermore help us at komback to enhance the nature of items and administrations we offer. The more data you share, the more it assists us with making you more joyful.


  1. Look at the item portrayal and pictures:

I know a considerable lot of us don’t get some margin to peruse item portrayals yet I have come to acknowledge they share truly supportive data about the item. They give exceptionally itemized details that can assist you with explaining whether what you are purchasing is the first item or not. Before you add that thing to your truck, make sure that all the item data given really matches the item.


  1. Check in the event that there is a guarantee or a merchandise exchange:

Great web-based stores give guarantees and great merchandise exchanges that give clients “genuine serenity” on the items they purchase. On the off chance that the web-based store isn’t guaranteeing you of a guarantee or a decent merchandise exchange for a situation where you are uncertain or unsatisfied, you ought to think of it as best not to continue with the buy. Komback gives these and more on each buy and that is a main justification for why I keep komback top of my psyche each time I need to purchase a thing on the web.


  1. Analyze costs:

Prior to purchasing things on the web, lay out a benchmark by setting a sensible financial plan or value reach and look at the costs from different merchants. You can look at different vendors on komback who sell a similar thing and track down the one at the right cost and quality in light of your financial plan. Make sure to consolidate the wide range of various focuses that I referenced before to settle on the best decision.


Presently you know the drill, try to pass this information to your loved ones and remain tuned for additional tips, bargains, updates, advancements, and selective substance.


Remember, purchasing fake products not only affects the original brand and manufacturer but can also lead to disappointment, financial loss, and potential harm if the product poses safety risks. It’s always recommended to buy from legitimate sources and support genuine brands.

Till next Friday, remain solid, shop cheerful!



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