Heineken The Lager Company, Just Launched A Telephone

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Heineken The Lager Company, Just Launched A Telephone

What happens when Human Mobile phones (HMD), Heineken brew, and a Boston-based streetwear brand named Bodega meet over some Lithium lager and examine mankind’s undesirable computerized fixation? They make a telephone. What’s more, they choose to consider it the “Boring Phone.”

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Is this simply one more endeavor to benefit from the most recent moronic telephone trend that even had The New Yorker spilling digital ink over it? Indeed. Is it the most dazzling retro-present day thingamabob to emerge after the Pocket Analogue, and will it make any geek waste their time? Additionally yes.


It’s likewise transparent. Recollect the Nothing phone? This is The Exhausting phone, sans any great Drove light strips. Yet, there is such a lot of happening here. Right under the cover screen of this sublime Nokia-wannabe flip telephone, you can see a green motherboard. That variety plot mixes impeccably with the green backdrop illumination of the screens, the one outside and the bigger one inside. I won’t call it Heineken green, however much I might want to name-drop The Framework here, since that is what the green T9 keyboard screams.


No features, just swag

What’s the motivation behind this phone? “Heineken and Bodega present a telephone made to return you to when cell phones weren’t a thing,” says Heineken. It believes you should speak with companions utilizing SMS as opposed to losing it over the green-blue air pocket inclination; no virtual entertainment, no warning torrential slide applications.


The Boring phone believes that you should delight in the monochrome delight of Fast Snake as opposed to shouting into the mic while playing Call of Duty with appallingly empty colleagues. It additionally trusts you will click brilliantly pixelated images of good minutes with companions as opposed to fixate on things like openness, life-like colors, and so on.


The Boring Telephone can likewise endure a couple of drops without breaking with a costly crash like the cutting edge iPhones. There are a few perfect elements like speed dialing (which I neglected was even a thing once), design customization with 3D stickers, and the fulfillment of disengaging calls with a snap.


The phone was exhibited at Milan Design Week, yet it appears there is no retail cost for this one. Priceless, eh? “Devices will be offered to revelers all over the planet, so they can separate, recover quality time with companions, family and friends and family, and dial up their evenings out,” says the company.


The entire thought behind the telephone is to communicate something specific such as the reality of past  smartphones. Now and then, less advanced commitment implies more taste of the real world. Furthermore, what is the preferred method for achieving that over a phone that does only the absolute minimum? That is the Boring Phone.

We couldn’t care less about the specs here, and neither should the fortunate rare sorts of people who score this phone.


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