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Real Estate Investments in  Nigeria has become a path to a more profitable stream of income, having solved the need for retirement plans for most pensioners, aided long-term prosperity for civil servants, created job opportunities for the unemployed, redistributed wealth, increased input in taxation policies and many more which progressively has yielded more growth in the Nigerian economy. It serves as an avenue

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where money is invested into purchasing either land or landed properties.


Although there has been a rise in the cost of purchasing lands and landed properties, some companies like the Big C Real Estate and properties have taken it upon themselves to create a more subsidized approach, making it easier and less stressful to own land even in the present economy. Knowing how these things work, we seek to provide a self-help guide on real estate investments in Nigeria, which covers a wide range of topics. So, if you’re seeking answers to all your questions, ensure you read this article to the end, as we’ve tried our best to make it as comprehensive as possible.


In Nigeria, the real estate market has grown tremendously, with over 200 million people seeking to be Land owners yearly. Still, due to the financial restraints on the economy, only a few could afford it. One major break out in this industry came with the installment payment plan. The total fees are split into a payment-friendly pattern that requires you to pay a certain amount upfront and then pay the balance plus incurred interest over time. Thus easing the stress of payment on the individual and solving the problem of financial constraints as there is a reduction in the pressure of meeting a certain demand.


Although the options for real estate investments platforms differ according to choice, the decision-making process can be quite tedious as many of these platforms have a lot to give and lose, all at the same time. Despite all these, you cannot afford to make a hasty investment decision, which would cost you your time and money. So, it is important that, in the long run, we make informed choices that sustain economic wealth for a longer period.


The term ‘Luxury real estate’ in Nigeria has been used to describe homes with distinct features. They often have well-furnished apartments, a convenient and luxurious lifestyle with everything fashionable. Generally speaking, the phrase ‘Luxury’ is placed on houses that are most expensive, highly sought after, limited, and in an exclusive neighborhood with restricted access.


For an estate to be considered a luxury, it must have been placed in a well-developed environment with highly equipped facilities and a track record of civilization. House pricing in these areas could be well over a million Naira and more dependent on the extent of development around surrounding areas.


Factors affecting the price of these housing estates range from location to property size, features, economic conditions, infrastructural development, security, stability of Light and other amenities, demand, and supply.


Some significant examples are houses in  Lekki, Victoria Island in Ikoyi, Banana Island, Crown Court, sunny vale homes, and many more.


For luxury real estate, certain developers have been recognized for their tremendous effort in easing the stress of owning land in the country while providing excellent products and services.


One such estate developer is BIG C REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS AND PROPERTIES, which specializes in

constructing high-quality, affordable, and durable commercial and residential properties.


Other luxury real estate developers who bid to build a better home and working environment for their clients include:


  • James Cubitt Developments (JCD)
  • Sujimoto
  • Grenadines Home
  • Primrose Development Company
  • Cadwell Limited
  • Seagle Property Development Company Limited
  • Propertylink Real Estate Investment Limited HQ Lagos
  • Zylus Group International Real Estate Investment Company. 



With the recent happenings in this industry, certain individuals have raised the bar over the years, motivating retirees and civil servants alike to own a plot. These people, amidst all costs, have decided they want their money to work for them in the long run and have bridged the gap between procrastination and owning land.


These individuals include the likes of but are not restricted to: 

Sugimoto Construction Limited

Landwey Investment Limited

Adron Homes and Properties

Propertylink Real Estate Investment Limited HQ Lagos

Zylus Group International Real Estate Investment Company.

Big C Real Estate and properties



To buy properties in Nigeria, you must look for legitimate sources as there are so many frauds in and around this sector.


If you’re new to this, We’d advise you to talk to a consultant or an investment firm whose objectives align with yours.


One such consultant who, over time, has obtained a track record of success is the  Big C Real Estate and Properties Management, which specializes in the maintenance and management of real estate properties.


They possess great experience in land, and landed properties are duly scrutinized before any purchase is made. This attribute of Big  C further helps them offer the best advice on utilizing your land to its potential.


To legally own a property in Nigeria, you must follow several processes. This process can be quite a lot to handle as a busy person. That’s why it is advised that you reach out or partner with an existing real estate and property company, as this would help ease a lot of stress for you.

These real estate companies devote their time to creating a selfless and easy partnership deal with their clients to help them avoid some extravagant protocols that often leave them unsatisfied and restless.

Some of such companies include:


  • Big C Real Estate and  properties


Other real estate companies include:


  • Propertylink Real Estate Investment Limited HQ Lagos


  • Zylus Group International Real Estate Investment Company.



The Big C  Real Estate And Properties is a contemporary real estate company in Nigeria aiming to develop lands and properties, providing an improved standard of living with the belief that investing in diverse properties is a means to better society while creating a legacy.


They strive daily to ensure clients can access top-notch properties that soothe their need to live comfortably. They specialize in building strategic investments in property and lands, providing their customers with an equivalent quality investment tailored to their needs.


The brand’s vision lies in its ability to deliver on its promise to clients, ensuring that it considers every client’s specifications, from conception to design, and the development of stand-out structures.


Big-C bears the burden of delivering and meeting the expectations and time of its clients by providing comfort, luxury, and well-laid developmental structures, which are often particular to the brand’s style. This zeal in their heart further propels them to continually engage in various real estate investments with capitalized and structural development.


The core values of the brand include quality, passion, and Integrity. These values propel them to focus intently on development, investment, management, and construction.


As a company concerned with using leading-edge technology to ensure that their projects are being completed with 100% precision and that every form of development, work on lands, and properties are accurately completed to meet the highest standard.   The company and its staff also ensure adequate provision of a more improved standard of living and easy access to up-to-date properties for their clients.


They possess a wealth of experience in nurturing and caring for all lands and properties under their custody while making strategic investment decisions. Over the years, the Big C company has built a well-detailed portfolio of different real estate properties within the country while providing expert advice on how best to utilize your land and landed property.


If you are prepared to begin or enhance your journey to real estate investments, this is a brand we’d advise that you reach out to.


Their Head office is at House 3B< Road 15A, off Dr. Muiz Banire Way, Lekki Scheme 2< Abraham Adesanya Ajah Lagos

Phone: +234 805 625 1400




Propertylink Real Estate Investment Limited HQ Lagos is a real estate company specializing in the construction, rehabilitation, brokerage, and management of lands and landed properties to redefine housing.


The company has, over time, proven to be one of the major companies in the marketplace that aims at providing a more standardized property solution plan for all kinds of investors.


The brand’s aim, vision, and mission is to ensure that its clients are given an equivalent value for their money through their unique services.



Zylus Group International Real Estate Investment Company is a fast-growing real estate investment firm in Nigeria that is privately owned and internationally recognized as an investment company dedicated to creating more homes and property ownership within Africa.

The company empowers people to make a more informed choice when purchasing or developing their homes or investing in land.



REITS, which is an acronym for the Association of Real Estate Investment Funds, is a platform that represents companies that own and manage these real estate properties.


Investment in REITS can be made through publicly traded REITS shares or the acquisition of private shares, providing Nigerian investors with diverse means of acquiring stocks and increasing their investment portfolio.


In Nigeria, a list of REITs has thrived over time in the industry, including Skye Shelter Fund REITs, UACN Property Development Corporation (UPDC) REITs, and Union Homes REITs.


Although there are several REIT companies nationwide, for the sake of these articles, we are giving out a few that we trust and have served us over time.

Some of such companies include :


  • Big C Real Estate and  properties


  • Propertylink Real Estate Investment Limited HQ Lagos


  • Zylus Group International Real Estate Investment Company.



Big C Properties Limited is a prominent Nigerian real estate development firm, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. They specialize in crafting top-tier residential and commercial properties that not only offer exceptional value but also ensure maximum client satisfaction. If you are looking for a reliable real Estate platform to invest in, then investing in Big C properties is one of the best option at your disposal.

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