How To Start A MultiMillion Dollar Company

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Societal Vacuums In Nigeria And Why Starting A multi Million Dollar Company Could Be A Good Idea. 

With the further advancing threats of corona virus, which has already drastically changed the world’s look in 2020 has also majorly affected the job market in Nigeria. The lock down period has affected many lives and has led to so many people to lose their jobs.

Among all this, does starting a company right now sound insane? Well! The answer to that may surprise you.

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An Entrepreneur? Is it even a good Idea? Entrepreneurial ideas are budding seeds that someday could grow into a million dollar to billion Dollar Company if it has the right ideas and potential.

Entrepreneurs, especially the successful ones aim at solving a problem in the society. There are many such major issues that Nigeria needs to look out at. Namely the hotly discussed poverty situations despite of a growing economy, sex discrimination, lack of education, unemployment etc.

But starting out as an entrepreneur could be a tough job. There are a lot of vital points that must be looked into before jumping to conclusions. The Tech-driven society today has paved a way to quench out several societal problems in cheaper ways. Starting out, companies today known globally, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Tesla…and many more, had started with a single objective that is and today it’s a million dollar company…. To Make it Work! Thus amidst this Global Crisis new ideas and new methodologies to solve today’s problems are encouraged.





Technology has already led to opening doors to many economic opportunities for people to grasp on. One of such career paths is Web Designing Agency. In today’s world there isn’t a company that can function without a website. The competition is so tough that every individual is jumping into online space. They target at creating an effective online presence and increase their customer base.

If you may search there are quite a few Web Designing companies with successful ventures. To start, as web designer in Nigeria, you can promote your agency through SME events, blogging, and social media marketing on several channels.

Helping many sprawling small businesses create an internet image, in today’s world stands to be a job in demand and could be a real money-spinning opportunity for you to make your million dollar company.




With a population over 170 billion, which is also growing every day The Nigerian Agribusiness Sector has become booming. Predictably to grow larger in upcoming years.

There are many booming subsections to Agribusiness.


Poultry Farming 

Start Your Multi Million Dollar Company


Growing Population and expanding urbanization has led to fast growth in demand for livestock products, including poultry. It happens to be the fastest growing segment in the Agricultural Industry in Nigeria. According to ThisDay Newspaper, Nigeria has a poultry industry worth over N 1.2tn as of 2017.

Keeping in mind the market size, Nigeria’s Egg Production is the largest in Africa. Chicken importation was banned by Nigeria in 2003, which spurred growth in domestic poultry production.

To start a profitable Poultry business in Nigeria there are certain ‘to-dos’ one must go through along with extensive research.


Cassava Farming 

Start Your Multi Million Dollar Company

This segment of Farming has been a source of livelihood for  millions of Nigerians. With increase in varied use of Cassava Products in Nigeria, Cassava farming is getting more and more lustrous and profitable day to day.

Ninety Percent of Nigerian Homes consume Cassava Products regularly.


Rice Farming 

Start Your Multi Million Dollar Company

In all of Western Africa, Nigeria is the largest producer of rice. In all over Africa it is the third largest producer, after Egypt and Madagascar producing about 3.6 million metric tons, on an average annually.

But, apparently, Nigeria happens to fall short of meeting its local demands which creates a 5.5 billion tons consumer base. Considering these facts, rice farming is a lucrative business to start.



Snail Farming 

Another business idea, cheaper than the rest, in terms of capital required is snail farming. Internet facts say that the snail business has extensive opportunities but is neglected. It also is a good farming idea to earn money in a short period of time.

But before jumping into this, it is important to do thorough research regarding snail farming business. Since by some generalized facts snails happen to be expensive to eat and are very dormant during the dry season, thus become scarce.

In conclusion….

A surging swell has taken over the Agribusiness Culture in Africa. There are many more lucrative options to look into in the Farming segment, such as catfish farming, maize farming, pig farming, and honey bee farming. The above mentioned are the most economic and easy to start. You can literally start in your backyard!



Education is a necessity but Education has also become expensive. With an Adult Literacy rate of 62.02% in Nigeria, a major part of the population slips through the cracks and lives up to be uneducated pupils.

Thus as an extensive requirement for an Educator, not only creates a demand but lack of education is also a societal problem that needs to be resolved. The typical wants at day cares, nursery school, primary and secondary schools, universities. Pick an education niche that interests you and start preparing!




A nearby convenient store is a major advantage to any neighborhood. A close by retail store providing everyday basic necessities such as food products, clothes, and other consumer goods is surely a good business idea to invest in. Looking at the statistics, Nigeria is a good place to invest into for Retail Business.

Starting your own retail store may seem small and too much cost consuming but once into the business flow it can get good returns. It is a convenient and economic choice for business.



Opportunities in this industry are growing. With quite a percent of people in Nigeria investing into real estate either commercial or residential, it has now become a lucrative business. By the common ways of Nigeria, most real estate business operations are carried out offline, but one may also set up an online base to attract potential customers.

Popular and successful, two of Nigeria based Real Estate companies are and Further, you can also act as a real estate agent and bring in sales for real estate companies, just earning a commission.


Well, most risky business ideas have brought in the most success. If one possesses skills and knowledge, he can turn his stock market investments profitable. You are required to have deep knowledge and understanding of the Nigerian Stock Market. Before deciding on what stocks to buy, conduct a thorough study on its properties, return policy and investment protocols.




Cell phones are now an extended virtual arm of life. Nobody can function a full day without at least glancing once at their phones.

Online or offline modes of selling cell phones has been an ever growing business for the demanding Nigerian market. You can turn your small shop to a multi million dollar retail store. Companies like  jumia, jiji have a huge customer base, goodwill and have been making money. A small business that can bring in big profits.


Mobile App development agencies can successfully turn into a lucrative business. An app that can serve the public in various ways in this era digitalization can any moment turn into a booming career for you.

While not all Nigerian companies are looking for custom built mobile apps to engage with their customers they definitely are looking for skilled developers to bring their business ideas to life.




I believe that you must be eager to plunge into one of these business ideas and give wings to your own creative ideals. All the best! On your lucrative ventures and make it a million dollar company. Hope you succeed.


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