How to Make Your First Online Sale 

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How to Make Your First Online Sale

How to Make Your First Online Sale
How to Make Your First Online Sale

By the time they set up their online shop for their first online sale, they all crave telling them that ‘’how to make money online’’. It is a turning point in each entrepreneur’s journey. When you haven’t gotten your first sale yet afterward, do not be discouraged.


You spent all that time finding the ideal platform for your online sales, finding the hottest products like cars for sale, phones, computers, house, wigs, cheap home, food and properties in Nigeria, sourcing amazing pictures for the goods, going through heaps of topics to get the perfect one for your shop, and setting everything up perfectly. Now, you do not wish to close your store due to a lack of sales.

What is online sales?


At its heart, an internet market is an eCommerce online sales site that offers many unique products from several different sellers. Some of the Most Famous marketplaces include:

But these are far from the only alternatives.


In actuality, there are currently over 100 online sales you could potentially leverage to reach clients doing their online shopping — both inside the USA and overseas in regions like Nigeria,Japan and Europe, with trillions of dollars in earnings potential just waiting to be exploited.


Yes, it is a lot to take into account. But remember, you do not have to go after them all at once. You simply need to find out which stations would be the best match for your own brand.


But first, let’s back up and discuss why you need to consider becoming a third party seller in the first online sale location.


Here are nine easy steps for how to make your first online sale.


  • Mail Few Samples to Relevant Influencers


Individuals who influence your particular market or business are also influencers. These may be people with an adequate number of subsequent from 20k to 500k followers on social networking. These are writers, YouTubers, etc..


You need to send out emails to all the famed influencers in your business. Let them know you want to send free samples so that they could mention them to their followers. 


Most professional influencers may say “No”, or need or make money for the shout out, but smaller influencers are more inclined to take the samples and give you a shout out. If they enjoy your product and provide you a favorable shout-out, you will undoubtedly get a few sales-driven straight from their followers.


  • Create a Healthy Blog


Regardless of what it is you are selling, you will need a healthy blog like kombackblog, lindeikejisblog and to mention but a few.


Well, because each time you publish a new piece of content on your site, you’re technically producing more doors that lead to your internet shop. Additionally, whenever you create valuable content, then your search engine rankings improve which ultimately increases the traffic to your shop, more sales!


Topics such as gift guides, best product listings for the year, Best cheap handbags, Tokunbo cars, Used Cars in Nigeria, Jobs near me, etc.. normally get the most attention and are a terrific opportunity to drive search engine traffic while raising your returning visitors’ stats.

  • Discussion Influencers On Your Blog

If influencers are not very keen on shouting out to your goods then you may try another strategy to get them to promote your brand. Getting them to agree on giving you a meeting is simple, why? Because who does not want to get interviewed, right?


You may ask influencers on your industry to take part in interviews. Interviews with influential folks offer you high-quality content to your site, get you in touch with influencers, and besides, it provides your brand more sense.


You see when you interview influencers on your business and publish their articles on your blog/website, they’re more inclined to tell their followers about the meeting. They’ll share the interview links with their followers and you’ll generate a bunch of traffic. That is even better than getting a shout out because you’re also building credibility in the business.


  • Sell Through Numerous Online Channels


It is perfectly normal to begin selling your products on multiple stations when beginning an eCommerce business. If you realize that your online sales aren’t getting enough attention, then you may try out other eCommerce stations to advertise and sell your products. Online Selling on websites like komback, konga, jumia,, or another market can bring you a fair quantity of sales in a short while.


These marketplaces do the advertising for you. If somebody is on the sales site searching to promote products that you sell, they will often stumble upon your offerings also. Selling through numerous online venues can bring your first online sale fairly quickly.


  • Post A Newspaper

A newsletter is an ideal way to keep your clients and readers updated with the most recent news, offers, sales, etc. in your internet shop. If you are not sending out a newsletter then you should probably begin doing this.

The goal of your newsletter is to keep your company fresh in your prospective audience’s mind.


Regular communication with your fans can quickly push social media participation, increase your followers, attract more visitors to your shop, and ultimately bring about additional sales. Use services such as MailChimp to easily create and send newsletters.


  • Offer Coupon Codes and Discounts 

Providing your clients with discount coupons and codes is another terrific way to make your first online sale, possibly, more than 1 sale. However, I advise that you don’t overdo this since you run the risk of losing cash.


Human beings love discounts and coupons codes!


The very best way to provide discounts would be to set a certain threshold. By way of instance, you can provide a 10%-15% discount to every customer whose order total reaches a specific quantity. You could even lure the visitors to buy by offering free delivery on a certain quantity of order total also.


You can combine this step with the next one to improve your success rate.


  • Ask Family and Friends

Never overlook the power of word-to-mouth advertising. Your family and friends should be the first people you should aim at your online shop. All you’ve got to do is send them via Facebook, WhatsApp, or some other social networking channel that you use. Ask them to buy from you, if it is something they would like to buy.


Even if your family and friends are not interested in purchasing from your shop, they could share your links/products on their social networking feeds and ask their relations to share it further. This is an excellent means of putting your name out there and likely brings in a couple of sales also.


  • Optimize Site for Search Engines and Make Store Looking Good


Getting your online sales full of wealthy keywords and phrases which are related to your products is an exceptional way of having a very powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Making certain your website is ranked on important keywords can allow you to bring in traffic through search engines such as Google.


Individuals who search for relevant keywords will wind up on your online shop and most likely will make a purchase also. Additionally, it provides you with additional opportunities to be discovered by new men and women.


If your shop looks terrible then you can pretty much make certain you’re not likely to make lots of sales. When visitors visit your internet store, they wish to see something aesthetically pleasing; if your shop is not good-looking and gives a cluttered vibe, then visitors won’t ever place their trust in your brand.


You will need to be certain that your online store looks as great as possible. Attempt using clean templates, colors that go together with your products, and be sure that the overall design is simple and simple.

Collecting emails and Create Product Videos


If you drive visitors to your website through advertisements or search engine traffic (or simply through social media), not all of these are going to purchase from you. But what you could do is attempt to collect their mails by providing incentives (e.g. holiday gift guides, “get discount alarms”, wishlists, etc.) and target them with campaigns afterward. Discover how you can use email advertising to boost sales in your internet shop.


If you’re able to produce an engaging movie about your goods then you can certainly earn a lot of sales. These sorts of videos can be encouraged in groups (such as related to physical therapy or exercise). Such videos may lead to direct sales or you may make a custom audience of individuals who watched this content and target them through advertisements later.



I’d love to say that if you begin your first eCommerce shop, everything can be quite overwhelming for you.


Be certain you know how social media works and how you can accommodate your shop to turn that social media traffic into paying clients.


A consistent site or newsletter will ensure that customers return to your store for more purchases.

So, you see there are a lot of things which you can do to receive how to make your first online sale, if you do it right, you’ll make more than only 1 sale!


Now go and get active!

By Kingkentus.

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