R Kelly Cult Case Cops Call BS

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8/11/2017 11:35 AM PDT

There is no new bombshell information proving R.Kelly is running an illegal cult in Atlanta, despite claims from a city official … this according to the Jones Creek Police Dept.

Earlier today, Fulton County Chairman, John Eaves, told the media the JCPD obtained new, potentially incriminating evidence against the singer — and he urged prosecutors to launch an investigation.

So, we called the Jones Creek PD to get all the deets — and they told us point blank, there’s NO new evidence and no compelling reason to open an investigation into R. Kelly.

R. Kelly’s camp is furious with Eaves over his news conference — saying the singer is “outraged” at the insinuation he’s doing anything wrong and believes Eaves is using the situation for his own personal gain.


R Kelly Cult Case Cops Call BS … No New Evidence