Acid reflux , indigestion, heartburn, hiatus hernia by Patrick Delves.

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By Patrick Delves.

Acid reflux , indigestion, heartburn, hiatus hernia, IBS, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, colitis, mucus colitis , celiac disease , gas , bloating , ulcers, eczema, constipation, appendicitis, colon cancer , stomach cancer , polyps , diabetes and pancreatitis , they all start from these three areas .none of us were born with these conditions , but developed them through bad eating habits .if they were developed because of bad eating habits , how come you cant repair them? How come they say there is no cure and start removing pieces of these areas causing that area to malfunction . Once you remove one part , it will affect other parts and your other parts will malfunction cause they all work together, they are all one entity. If there is a cause , there will be a cure ,find the cause , and you would find the cure. just give them a break , feed them the raw material from the earth and you will see how quick they will respond to you . Dont abuse them cause they can hamper your quality of life causing death long term . Follow our 30 day mucusless diet starting on the 9th of August and you will be amazed of how your body can heal itself . Ask the people in our group and they will testify to that .

Here are the herbs to start the 30 day mucusless diet . Yarrow , catnip , tumeric, dandelion root, fennel seed, cleavers , ginko , rosemary , hawthorn , elecampane, buckthorn bark gentian , and horsetail , GI flora , and L glutamine . We are putting together the eating program for people to follow on so you can clean the mucus membrane, cell membranes , blood , brain , and organs .

sure but you might not need that drug cause the herb hawthorn will do that , but still keep your drugs at hand and always check your pressure everyday to make sure it’s normal.

Love always .

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