From the release date to her first single here?s the low down on Taylor Swift?s reputation album

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Taylor Swift has spent the last twelve months laying relatively low. Her reputation was, of course, damaged following various public feuds: there was the one with Kim Kardashian over whether or not she approved Kanye West?s?Famous?lyrics, then?Katy Perry spoke out?about what really happened between them during a?Carpool Karaokesession, and even ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris went on a Twitter rant refusing to become ?someone new [for her] to bury?. Taylor?s Instagram was inundated with snake emojis, she?broke up with Tom Hiddleston?and his horrendous taste in statement beachwear, and it looked like Taylor?s sweet girl image was ruined.

After stepping out of the limelight for the best part of a year, this week she deleted all her social media posts and started releasing teasers for her new album. And what have we learned so far? She?s reclaiming the snake, the album is called?Reputation?and the artwork looks a bit like a newspaper.


Surprise, surprise ? it seems that Taylor?s new material is going to be about all the events and people that chipped away at her good girl image. Whilst I?love?Blank Spaceand?Better Than Revenge?as much as the next person, we?ve previously concluded,?if Taylor wants to stay relevant?she needs to ditch the clapbacks and diss tracks.

Let?s hope her sixth studio album does what she does best ? catchy pop music that you can belt out in the car/club/shower.

So what do we know about it so far?

Why has Taylor Swift got snakes all over her Instagram?

When Kim K et al publicly turned on Taylor last year, the popstar was inundated with snake emojis on her social media. It wasn?t exactly helped by Kim?s declaration that it was National Snake Day.It looks as though Taylor is reclaiming the insult that she?s a snake and is capitalising on it for her next album. The three teaser videos show slithering snakes, with one red-eyed serpent even snapping at the camera. Kinda scary.

Is it a metaphor for Taylor shedding her old skin to become the new, evolved singer we?re about to see? Has she been inspired by?Game of Thrones?to become the Mother of Snakes? Or maybe it?s a huge ploy to make us?think?that her comeback is to do with all that snakey business.

For reference, all of this happened within a three month window.

What is the name of Taylor Swift?s new album?

Taylor has gone with?Reputation, which immediately smacks of everything that happened to her in the past year with the whole character assassination stuff. Whether or not it will include any stinging clapbacks at her haters is unclear, but she?s a fan of writing about people in her life so it?s possible.

When will Taylor Swift?Reputation?be released?

According to a recent Instagram post, we can expect the full record on November 10. But in the mean time?

When will Taylor Swift?s first single from?Reputation?be released?

Yesterday at 6pm GMT, Taylor revealed the first song from the album will be released ?tomorrow night?, which means that it should drop any time this evening.

Will Taylor Swift?Reputation?be about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

The artwork for the album has fans thinking it?s possible. The text is in the same font as Kanye?s?Life of Pablo?album, and it has been designed to look very much like columns in the newspaper. It?s all gearing up to look as though Taylor?s material will be a clapback at everything that went on last year.

It?s also worth pointing out that the MTV VMAs are held this weekend, with many believing that Taylor might make a surprise appearance and perform something new.

Whether the album is the diss track everyone?s expecting, or something completely different, the proof of Taylor?s power is clear ? she doesn?t even have to say anything to create a massive buzz. Hats off to her.