To all my self employed,small business owner friends.

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Rihanna releases a lip gloss,people buy it.Michael Jordon puts out some new trainers,people buy it.Dr Dre has new headphones,people buy it.Oprah promotes weight loss programs,folks jump(if they can)on board.Beyonce has a concert,people spend $300 on a ticket.

Friend and family member starts a new business,people are wary.”Not sure this is going to work.”I”II give it 6 months”,”they’re a bit expensive!”Why are we so quick to support someone we dont know,who has plenty of money already,but we can find a million reasons not to support someone we know living a regular lifestyle.

When you support direct sales and small businesses.You are helping families you know feed their kids,pay their mortgage,and find their kids happiness and well being!Not contributing to a celebrity’s endless and huge bank account.

So next time you see a friend or family member posting about their business give them a quick like,share or a comment,you dont even have to buy the product or service.It all help to gain more exposure to their business which really helps!